Legacy of Blood

Transition : Part 2 of 3  


Reaching the waterfall Ryu found Gouki waiting for him.  

"Yessss.. my boy. Give into to your anger and your hate…. Kill me because you hate me. Embrace the eternal darkness of the Satsui no Hado. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!”  

"Useless! Useless to fight me me without the Satsui no Hado!  Easily avoiding Ryu’s every attack. Gouki retaliate even harder as if forcing Ryu to use the Satsui no Hadou. He slammed Ryu into the ground, with one hand he kept grinding the younger warrior’s face into the soil.  


"WEAK!!! YOU ARE WEAK!!!! Where is that fire of hatred you claim to have for me. Maybe you should just die and join your father!" As Ryu makes the attempt to rise, Gouki applied more pressure, making sure that the younger man has a good taste of the soil.  

"Let go of all the ties that bind your powers within. Love, family, and friends. All those are just goodness. Accept the darkness…PTUI!" Gouki spat upon the younger warrior’s face.  


The thought of returning to ChunLi occurred to Ryu, fuelling him on to rise once more. The thought of them going back home to Shadowlaw, where the kids are added on to the need to win this fight. Survival is not an option but a must.  

With a roar Ryu rose to fight Gouki with renew strength. Gouki was slightly impressed  

^^I am but a tool…. ^^ the voice of his dark side reminded him. Ryu knew what his dark side is up to. But no way is he going to use the Sastui no Hadou now. With his own two fists he’s going to finish this fight.  


<<   You and 1are one an the same. I m your hates, dark desires, anger, fears and most importantly your fear of losing your beloved Chun-Chun. I have no intentions of ever leaving you. Accept me and choose your own destiny, Your fate and that of the ones you hold dear is in your hands…My dearest soul brother.  >>  

People and thoughts crept into his mind. The opponents who had fought him. Gouken the fight and his whole life. Ken, who had taught him about the world. His children are his legacy. ChunLi who is many reasons why he made it so far.  

He must not disappoint them, using them as a reason to make him fight on. He had only found the real reason for living on and fighting on a few years ago. He still has the rest of his life to look forward to. He will not lose the reason for living on.  


Gouki smirked noting the increase in Ryu’s effort.  

<  Good… but that is not what I seek. Must I force you to show your true might?!   > Gouki thought  

"Bah! Holding onto to hope is useless! You will never defeat me alone!!! Let me help you bring your Satsui no Hado to its full glorious power!" Using his qi Gouki slam the full intensity of his Satsui no Hado into Ryu.  

"NNNNNOOO!" Ryu scream. Gouki dropped Ryu. A change overcome the young Shotoken master, as if the aura of evil was oozing out of every pore in his body. All Ryu felt now was the pain, the hate and the anger eating at him. His dark side was smiling in glee as he took over.  



"It’s payback time. Old man" he said with a menacing smile. Emotions, thoughts of past fuels his hate for Gouki. Gouken Sensei, Ken, even his precious ChunLi, Gouki had tried to harm. He had nothing but pure hate and full anger for Gouki. The thoughts of Gouki trying to harm ChunLi kept replaying in his mind fuelling him on.  

Gouki was amused, that Ryu even in Satsui no Hadou was just so. Ryu only takes what he thinks he needs from the Satsui no Hadou but Gouki feeds off it as akin to breathing. Evenly match as they fought on. Ryu thought back on the pain Gouki had caused over the years, all that Gouki ever done to him boils down to now. With another roar Ryu fought on harder, shutting out all other thoughts  

Then at the same time they used the Cat’s Paw on each other. SWAT! SWAT! PUNCH! Both sent each other flying back. Then darkness.  




"RYYUUU! !! ! !" Back at the dojo. ChunLi suddenly jerk up screaming at the same moment. Unseeing, unhearing she ran out of the dojo, heading for the waterfalls. The pain that shot through came from the bond and it drew her over. She could see both them on the ground.  


"RYU!!!!" She screamed as dropped to her knees beside the unmoving Ryu. She kept shaking him and calling him.  

But Gouki was the first to stirred and got up. He growled on seeing the most Hated One cuddling his unconscious potential disciple.  


"You should have just die! You will regret ever coming! First you then Haru!!!!" He roared charging towards ChunLi. Athough she blocked his oncoming fists she could still feel the full force of his evil.  

The threat that Gouki poses threatened her dark side, the pain blinded her, the thought of Ryu dying just like that leaving her and the kids, made the Satsui no Hadou in her kick into action stronger than ever.  

She would not get pushed around. Maternal instincts, Satsui no Hadou and Psycho Power combine to make her fight harder against Gouki. Survival is not an option but a must. To survive in order to return to her children. To avenge Ryu. To slake her hate and anger of what Gouki had done to Ryu. Gouki, the one who started this snowball of pain and misery must die.  

Shin ChunLi attacked him like a wild dragon. Though full of fury, Gouki was faster and avoided the full brunt of most of her attacks with success. She had improved much since the last time he met her. Gouki knew that Shin ChunLi’s speed would allow her to avoid most of his heavier attacks.  

He was amused that one like her would fight so well. But alone nobody is a match for him. Gouki thought of something, releasing his middle and index fingers from his clench fist, Gouki warped towards her.  

"SENERETSU KYAKU!! ! !" She screamed aggressively assaulting him.  

"Predictable…." Gouki blocked. He swatted her final kick with his lefi hand, throwing her off guard.  


"TENGAI NO TEN!!!!!!" Gouki roared aiming his middle and index fingers at her forehead as he rushed towards her. Shin ChunLi saw the oncoming danger, she turned aside and warped backwards. But she was a half second too slow.  

"AMIIEEEE! !!" Shin ChunLi screamed in pain as Gouki’s fingers came into contact with her right temple. A concentrated blast of Level black qi blasted her away. Gouki smirked as he had only found this attack again two months ago.  

Gouki created Tengai no Ten (Heaven of Beyond the Heavens) when he was a merely twenty years old. The demon could not understand how such a powerful kata that had once perforated a perfect diamond could be forgotten. He made a mental note to himself to find out the origins of the Tengai no Ten if he survived this battle.  


Had Shin ChunLi being slower, Gouki would had pierced through her forehead and exploded her brains. She was lucky that she was fast and on Level Blue or she would not have even survived this attack.  

Shin ChunLi landed in shallow water on all four like a cat, her long dark hair flowing wildly around her face giving her the look of the Pontianak (banshee – local term) herself. Blood was slowly trickling down her right temple.  


Shin ChunLi licked the trickle of blood that was near her lips, she growled a curse at him. The wild fire of hate burned in her eyes. Gouki could see wispy strands of blue qi flowing around her as she charged a Kikosho. Gouki warped forward as she leapt towards him with a Kikosho near ready.  

But this time Gouki was fast enough, grabbing her by the neck he warped towards the waterfall at breakneck speed. Gouki slammed her against the rocky surface of the waterfalls causing a slight indent and small avalanche of tiny stones. The full force of the waterfall beating down upon them. Shin ChunLi hissed at him.  

"A pity that such a beautiful creature of such wild powers must be destroyed." Increasing the strength of his grip upon her neck, his right hand was stroking her face.  

"Kurayami no Hanayome you know that your precious little zasshu (half-breed because partial evil and partial good) is too far away to help you now. Why not accept me as your master and convince the boy to accept me as well. Then this bloodshed would not be necessary."  

"I am my own lord and master! No one controls me, not even him (Satsui no Hadou Ryu)!" Shin ChunLi hissed and then spat on his face as her answer to his offer. Gouki slammed her against the rocky surface in anger, releasing yet another avalanche of tiny stones.  


"LITTLE MESU-INU (bitch)! ! !" Gouki punched in her the stomach, she coughs out a spurt of warm red blood in his face. With a smirk she licked the remaining blood from her lips defiantly. The more angry and demandingly unreasonable he is the more daringly defiant she became. Gouki punched her repeatedly trying to break her spirit.  

"DARASHINM ONNA (Slut)!!! You know not what is good for you!! Stubborn like that damn boy! !" Gouki growled. Shin ChunLi could feel his hot rancid breath upon her face. But She saw something he didn’t  


"AHAHAHAHAAA!!!" Shin ChunLi laugh suddenly. Her eyes cold and menacing and that evil twisted smile, which shows a hint of insanity. Her hair was flowing around as she gathers her qi, finally adding an extra dose of Psycho Power.