A waterfall some distance away from the Shotoken Dojo, Japan 


Strong wind swept across the area, the rain fell hard and fast as if trying to beat down everything in it path. Young trees were uprooted as well. Deafening thunder and bright lightning. It was like the World would end today in a flood. It was only the heavens washing the site clean to prepare for the first destined fight. It doesn’t look like the clouds would clear anytime soon. 

A pair of burning red eyes glowed from the dark hollow of a large tall tree. He could have seek a more decent shelter in the waterfall cave but he loathed the idea of going in there. The demon believed that if he were to go in there it would defile the ‘purity’ of his dark qi. 

The cave was fill with too much good aura. The aura of a patient sensei (Gouken) teaching his three disciples the arts of Shotoken, a type of bond which he had once shared with his own sensei and destroyed in his hands. 

The aura of two best friends (Ryu and Ken), who are as close as brothers seeking shelter from the rain, he too had a brother once but he forsaken kinship for the dark arts. 

And the worst aura of all of was that of two young lovers (Ryu and ChunLi) who had once used the cave as a place to shelter in and make pledges of undying love and devotion. He does not understand this kind of relationship, the one call love. 

All Gouki knew was that the Kurayami no Hanayome( Bride of Darkness – That’s what Gouki calls ChunLi) had rob him of the One who has the best potential to be his disciple. He wonders who he hates more the witch or the zasshu (half-breed). The spawn of the witch had caused him to go back to that boy demon (Oruchi Chris) for help. He hated being the boy demon’s slave. He knows not when the boy demon would call in the favour. 

His brother Gouken had being a stubborn one as well. To reject the Satsui no Hadou and suffer the ravage of sickness. 


"The fool would be like me if he chose my path. All he needed to do was to give me the rest of the book. It matters not anymore. For blood will have blood." He growled as the rain stop. Gouki left the cramped confines of the hollow in the tree. 

The time of third reckoning is at hand. This is just one node in a chain of events that would eventually lead Gouki to his death in the hands of Haruryu Hoshi. 




In the mountains of Japan, Ryu sat in the porch of the dojo in mediation. It was only three months after the birth of his children that a letter from Dan had called him here. Gouken Sensei was very sick and needed to speak with him. Leaving ChunLi and the kids back at the dojo a month ago. The Inner Circle had once again sent a few more of their people to help out at the Dojo. 

Of course he had to return, for Gouken was the closest representation of a father to him. 

Ryu thought back on his life. A life of struggles that only became more meaningful the last few years. He thought back about what his Sensei said to him 



"Why do you fight?" 

"To improve my skills. To overcome my limitations by facing any challenges." Was Ryu’s answer, it had always being his answer for as along as he could remember. 

"What is the motivation the drives you to fight on?" 

"To protect the ones I love and hold dear." Ryu answered. This answer made a lot of sense when he met ChunLi. Now with Haru and Kage. This answer meant a whole lot more. 


Ryu look at the book in his hand. ‘Volume 7 of Shotoken Karate’. Just one book that cause so much dispute in the history of this school. Ryu had came into possession of this book rather recently and Gouken had answered a question that Ryu had long to know. 



"What do you know of the Volume 7?" Gouken had asked him. 

"I know now that it contains 10 of the most powerful moves ever. But there are about 3 moves that are missing. The Cat’s Paw, Saigo Ken(Final Punch) and Seiryoku." 

"What do you know of Cat’s Paw?" 

"I had first thought that it was unique to our (ChunLi and my) disciple and now I know that it was from this book that she learnt it." 

"I had known that disciple of yours for a long time. I had ask her to teach you the Cat’s Paw for there is no other way for you to learn it. For the Saigo Ken comes after the Cat’s Paw." 


"You mean she could have kill me with the Saigo Ken?" 

"Yes. Her kind had the ability to withheld the full power of any attack, that’s why I had asked her to teach it to you. I will give you what incantation I can remember of the Saigo Ken. The rest of the incantation you have to refer to your disciple, for I had handed her the last page." 

"You asked me why and I had told you that there was an error when the books were written. That was why it jumped from Volume 6 to 8. This book was only handed down from Sensei to most trusted disciple. Because it contain a few forbidden arts, one of which could kill a normal fighter or seriously injure those with the Satsui no Hado. One move that was learnt by an earlier master but no one knew what happen to him." 


"One of the students saying that he had read at least part of the book and made a copy of it. This particular student even went so far as to show a few moves to others. But due the lack of proper training this student zao fo yep mo, went imsane and killed a large number of the other students. 

"..Ryu I want you to know that the abridged version is now in the hands of Gouki… There is only one powerful attack that was missing, the Seiryoku (Name of move that Haru would used on Gouki, refer to Bride of Darkness). But it is in that same last page." 



Gouki, the one that had started all this. What is he planning anyway? What is this Cat’s Paw that starts off seemingly defensive but like a snake in grass it strikes the opponent’s heart. And this Seiryoku, why is there so much mystery in this one? Ryu’s thoughts were interrupted when Dan called him in for tea. Ryu realized the rain had stopped by now. 




ChunLi had only a little more to go before reaching the Shotoken Dojo. She had left the Shotoken- Wushu dojo last week. Leaving the kids back in the dojo under the care of trusted friends. 

She had to find Ryu for she had foreseen an ominous dream. One that frightened her enough to come seek her husband. So now she’s nearly at the end of her long hike. But instead of finding who she had came to seek she found somebody else here as well. Dropping her pack she fell into defensive stance. 

"The Catalyst…. Two birds with one stone." Gouki growled as he warped forward to fight. Although she knew she was not his match, Chun-Li was not one to give up easily. She had not come so far just to be killed this demon without reaching her husband. 

"Is having one that powerful not enough for you? That you must spawn two more just to torment me?" raining punches on the Wushu Mistress. ChunLi realized that Gouki was toying around with her. Testing her skills, and waiting. Waiting for what? 

Both Ryu and Dan heard the fighting and rushed out. 

<  What is Li doing here?  > Was Ryu first thought on seeing the woman with whom he shared a close bond. 

<<  Watch! And Learn!  >> Gouki sent a thought to Ryu. 

Using his right hand to swat away ChunLi’s right hook and his left to swat away a left punch. 

<  CAT"S PAW!  > the thought struck Ryu. 

Gouki landed a heavy punch straight to ChunLi’s heart. The impact sent her flying. Crashing into the tree a short spurt blood spurted out of ChunLi’s mouth. 

"LI!!!!" Ryu rushed over supporting her weight on him. 

"With her alive. You will never learn the true essence of the Satsui no Hado and achieve your full potential. Her death will be your stepping stone or stumbling block. I await you at the waterfall. There can be only one! MWAAHAHAHA!!!" Gouki laughed and vanished. 

"..Ryu.." was all ChunLi managed to say before losing consciousness. Her life’s blood trickle down the side of her mouth, like crimson flowers blooming on his white gi. Feeling her pulse he knew ChunLi would not make it. He will not let his beloved ChunLi die, there must be a way. 

<  But how?  > 

<<  Use the Satsui no Hadou …Only the Satsui no Hadou can counter the qi and life destroying effects of the Saigo Ken…  >>  the voice of his dark side said 

<<  And expose her to its darkness again!?  >> Ryu was shocked. 

<<   It is not like we have not try this before……Worry not. Dear CL can handle it. After all she is the Kuriyami no Hanayome….DO IT!!! I would not mind debating further with you until the cows come home. Don’t blame me if CL dies due to your hesitance…… Or do you really wanna watch her die so that you can hang around with that Saky. DO IT OR WATCH HER DIE!!  >> 

The words of his dark side kicked some sense into him. 


Propping ChunLi up, Ryu placed both palms on her back, wispy strands of energy danced around them as he infuse a little of the dark qi into her. She coughed and spurted blood again. This time it was black blood. 

The qi of his Satsui no Hado assimilated into her qi, seeking the familiarity of the Psycho Power tinted qi. ChunLi screamed as the Satsui no Hado reached the core of her qi. To stop now would kill them both, nothing must go wrong especially not now. 


Slowly but surely her pulse return back to normal. Gathering his qi he heaved a sigh of relief seeing no immediate side effects. ChunLi collapsed into him. Ryu realised that the bonding of qi would be stronger than any physical or emotional bonding than they would ever have. 

"I am going after the Demon. Take care of her." Ryu told Dan as he carried ChunLi into the Dojo 

"I will return for you. Aisai(beloved wife)." he whispered to ChunLi. A long lingering kiss on her lips. Ryu headed towards the waterfalls.