imageTitle: Hi no Tama Game Comic Series:  Chun-Li COMICS Super Street Heroine Anthology    
ISBN #: 4-334-80287-7    
Author: (Anthology)    
Publisher: Koubunsha    
Label: Shounen Oh Comics    
Release Date: 10 October 1995    
Price: 880 yen    
 Dash Taisen – This anthology manga is a collection of stories focussing on the Street Fighter character, Chun-Li.  Features 12 short-story manga, a 6-page “Chun-Li Illustration Gallery” (black-&-white reproductions of Capcom Design Works’ Chun-Li artwork from Street Fighter II to Street Fighter ZERO), and a full-color section of 8 full-page illustrations. Iwa says – The CL gallery includes one of my fave pics nickename ‘Silkscreen’. The manga is worth the money.
– The one of CL recounting how she got her cheongsam battle dress and lost her father.   
– CL in a battle against Sally (Dhalsim wife).
– CL trying to take a beach vacation only to be hounded by Ryu and company
– A story involving Rose fortelling ‘the One’ in CL’s life (as much as ‘the One’ likes annoying her).   
– And my fave piece which is a funny one that has CL trying to lead a normal life by heading out to meet a normal man for a date but ended back into the Street Fighter fold (courtesy of interfering fighters and Ryu’s defintion of ‘normal’ and ‘natural’).   
– There is also a rather serious piece named Lucidity. which has CL on her job and someone using mind control on her friend to try to harm CL.
– Chun Li vs clone Chun Li