Time: 1st issue 2 August 1991  
Iwa’s Run-in: July 1992 iss 45  
Publisher: King Comics (What Jademen and Jade Dynasty is now known as)
Total Issues: 113  
Extras: One Giant Art book, 13 known but not complete Compilation books  
Alternative thing: Hui Kim Sum and Lee Zhong Heng worked on around 88 or so of the 113 issues. After which they left and made Red Scorpion 13 and Chao Ba Shi Ji (roughly next generation SF which I quit around 20 plus issues)  
The Taiwanese compilations books are published by Hong Kong Film Services   

Some pics from the Man Huas  
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Gallery 3

Warning – it gets weirder as it goes on. And this is only just RCL’s part. This account is largely memory based (wish I had as good memory for my studies *Laughs*). Its a regular soap opera. the time line for this comic is in some post-nuclear war future (2050 or there about) trying to rebuild itself  Basic infomation  

– Ryu is the eldest disciple of a Master Gen(its the story).  
– CL is the step daughter of Lord Vega(Bison ).  


– Ryu first saw CL signing up for the SF Tourny. And was greatly distracted until Ken teases him  
– And later at the fight where he watches Ken fight Honda. Although Ryu spent most of the time watching CL.  
– Fight got disrupted CL and Ryu dragged in.  
– CL escapes with Ken, Ken gets flashback of Eliza leaving with Balrog(Mr claws)  
– CL met up with Gen  

– Flashback ~ Apprently CL’s mom is the daughter of Gen’s sensei. Gen was drunk when he raped CL’s mom and killed the lady’s actual lover and fled  

– While Ryu was elsewhere trying to get himself out of trouble. Some point later Gen and Ken went to take mildly injured Ryu back to the dojo.  
– While Gen was talking to Ken. CL appears seeking vengence and ends up fighting with Ken. Gen took a major blow for CL. CL fled in disbelieve when Gen told her that he’s her father. Gen told Ken to tell Ryu not to seek vengence but take care of her instead. And after telling him that Blanka is CL’s half brother, Gen dies.  

– So off went Ryu to find CL to pay respects at Gen’s grave  
– CL in a bar and very drunk, memories of her training days by Mother in her head  
– Got in a major bar fight. But Ryu bailed her out.  
– Owe Ryu one because his hand got injured in taking a major blow for her  
– So she followed him back to pay her respects but left soon after while Ryu did some training and his personal demon pops up as his test. Ryu’s demon created by the Crone (the blind one. Not the one who is actually a man in disguise. the blind crone pops up in the other series. *Because there was no Rose back then)  

– A little CL background. Apprently Lord Vega was looking for CL’s granddad (Gen’s Sensei). When he saw young CL. and thought to take the child to lure the old guy out. But CL’s mom don’t want to lose her means of revenge and convince Lord Vega to take her along as well. And seems like Lord Vega took CL’s mom to be his wife. So CL is Lord Vega’s step-daughter but he treats her very much like his own flesh and blood.  


– At the tourney. CL fights Honda. a good fight it was but she lost becuase someone had infuse Honda with strong qi (pre match)  
– So CL was sent to rest in pretty posh type hotel room (Vega’s doing )nearby. Took a shower, keeps thinking of Ryu’s injury. Someone in the hallway, so grabbing a towel and her bracelets she places herself up the ceiling where a couple of rafters keep her up. Leaping down drawing first blood from the brazen intruder as he enters.  
– Turns out to be Dhalsim with intentions to curry favour her (offended her before. Vega is his new boss now ) by telling her that her sweetheart Ryu has arrive at the arena  
– CL watches Ryu fight with Honda. Ryu later got in a major fight with Lord V. Both guys majorly injured but Ryu on brink of death. CL beg Lord Vega to save him. That’s how he ended up in the palace  

– When Ryu wakes up from dreaming of CL (nice dream). He didn’t know he lost a great deal of his qi and strength and met CL who didn’t tell him about it.  
– Ryu wanted to leave but CL pleads him to stay. Had a little picnic with CL. then Sagat shows up Had a one sided fight with Sagat. Later aidded by some mad doctor(a little taller than the guy in the movie) to recover part of his strength. Ryu and CL went on the run  
– Where they choose to jump the cliff (hmm…), they survive and before they could talk any further a giant lizard attacks them (double hmm).  
-They manage to get rid of the lizard and headed further into cave which turns out to be an underground palace (triple hmm) where they met another old crone (the guy in drag. No I will not reveal his identity )  

– After a while Ryu had to go back to the palace where Ken had taken over in a coup. Gets into a fight with Ken. And then Ken saw CL and make use of her to force Ryu into a fight (captured her and lied that he klilled CL ).  
– Couple of other people shows up a start another fight. Ryu’s qi got messed up (blame the guy in drag) in the process. Would have died but CL came by and grabs him and run. hides in some cave where she manages to balance his qi  
– Ryu healed now. CL left Ryu! And later she met Zhan Hu who she brought to see Ryu (herself hiding up a tree to peek at Ryu )  


– Ryu met Zhan Hu who had killed Sheng Long ( yes they made him into a character) and tells Ryu of his familiy history  

– Sheng Long, Gen and Blondie(CL’s mom’s lover ) have the same teacher. But Sheng Long was expelled later when his sensei (hated Japanese) found out Sheng Long (looks a bit like Jecht) was Japanese when he saw him meeting up with Kaori (Ryu’s mom)  
– Sheng Long left but continued his training and his ambition grew. He challenge another champion – Zhan Hu  
– So Zhan Hu had killed Sheng Long in name of justice. Kaori pleaded to Zhan Hu to take care of Ryu and may he never follow his daddy’s path. Leaving a red headband (with martial art inscription upon it). Kaori jumps off a cliff to her death!  
– Zhan Hu gave Ryu to Gen and is the one who named him Red Dragon (Chi Long)  

– End Backstory  
– And because Zhan Hu feels bad about what he did. He offers to give Ryu his protectorate. and if Ryu wants revenge. go ahead and kill him. But if Ryu choose to follow Daddy’s path. He’ll just kill him here and now. But all Ryu did was ask to know where his parents died so as to pay his repsects  
– And off went Ryu to look for some answers and advice. But lost his memory in the process.  


– Ryu met some girl (Misty) who has a crush on him while CL met up with Lord V and the other fellows. Lord V and fellows got into a big fight at nuclear facility (issue 45 onwards)  
– CL make it her job to find Ryu to prevent a major disaster  
* Ryu’s demon (alternate costume colour became main bad guy- can become any of the 12 world warriors). He is not the Satsui no Hadou Ryu of later comics.  
– Ryu’s Demon is after Ryu and tries to make used of Misty.  
– CL found Ryu at this little settlement  
– Misty tries to break up RCL  
– After CL manage to get Ryu to go with her to stop the fight the nuclear plant explodes and Ryu wants to go in but CL does not want to lose him (iss 51 in Gallery 2)  
– Kiss. Everybody has that pic by now I guess. Just wondering who scanned that pic? Can’t remember how that pic first made its way into the internet. Possibly me possibly not. 

– Eventually Ryu still went in. Big fights all around. CL join the fray. Ken got possesed by Ryu’s Demon. Big fight with Ryu. But Ken dies at his hand  
– Although Misty tries to kill herself when she realise that she’s carrying a demon child. It was no use.  
– Dark qi merges with Ken’s body and that where Demon-Boy comes from  
– Masked guy from Art of Fighting(He’s called Shun over here) took Ryu away and bargain that he will help bring Ken back (weird huh)  
*Art of Fighting guys and gal made a cameo.  


– Since Ryu is missing. Its up to CL to find him  
– Ken’s family from outer space came for him – Dad, sister and two brothers ( No I’m not joking)  
– CL had a run-in with those guys (One guy looks like Chang Koe Han, was killed by Demon-boy)  
– One brother has a crush on CL  

– Ryu finished his training with Shun and went to look for CL and found her with those aliens (iss 75 onwards)  
– After fighting those guys he took CL to the church that him and Ken build ( Ryu and Ken were consturction workers at issue 1. Hey everybody needs a job off season)  
– Down there Ryu propose to CL and they got married on the eve of a big Tournament  

– Issue 76 RCL’s wedding. friends and enemies alike attends  
– Lord Vega just had to go there and give the bride away. Ryu promises to take care of CL.  
– Demon boy gate crashes the party.  
– Ken and some dead warriors came back to life.  
– Took back their essence from Demon boy  
– All issues and bad blood will be taken up on the Tourney day  

– Night time. Ryu and Ken had a little chat before Ken hints at Ryu ignoring his newly wed wife  
– Back at their room the couple had a nice little talk before consummating their marriage (yes there’s a pic of that but I ain’t showing it to you – iss 79)  

– Tourney day CL accompanies Ryu to the arena.  
– During Ryu’s fight with Zhan Hu. Major qi explosion toss Ryu out the arena and he was hurt.  
– Shun don’t care but CL went to find Ryu  
– Ryu hurt but him trying to pick himself up for CL’s sake. Was tempted to turn to his Demon for help but retrain himself  
– Ken’s bro who has a crush on CL wants to kill Ryu. CL defends her injured husband and fights Ken’s bro. Even though she was no match for the guy she ain’t gonna let him get to Ryu  
– When all seems lost Ryu has charge up enough qi and took out the guy’s eye in one blast  
– CL who is affected by Ryu’s demon beat the heck out of one-eye guy.  
– Ryu thinks that there is only one way that his demon can take up residence in his wife. And that is if she has Ryu’s…….  
– A few more fights later CL somehow got captured by the Ken’s weird family and was taken to their ship along with Ken.  

– Up in the spaceship, Ken’s bro tries to expel Ryu’s demon from CL. Ken pops by and escapes with CL (duh) and heads back to earth.  
– Ken’s bro and dad follows and threathen to destroy planet (blah blah blah)  
– CL got affected by Ryu’s demon again and beat everybody up  
– Ryu appears. The others leave Ryu to deal with CL.  
– And so he purge his demon from CL but not fully it seems  
– Ken killed his bro. The others have hard time fighting his dad until RCL joins them  
– (blah blah blah yak yak fight fight) Everybody join strength and beat the evil dude and they all got sent through space time to the future  
(iss 100. Can you keep track? I’m getting a headache since I typing this from memory )  

Are you ready?  
– In the furture we have some blond hair, blue skin guy (I guess this is where the idea for Gill came from.)  
– Let’s call him Gill-guy (Kuang Wang – Insane monarch)  
– Ryu drops in on the future and ends up on the Gill-guy’s to-kill list.  
– Old friend from the past helps him out (Little blond girl, Blanka ‘s friend – CiCi )  
– And now Ryu has to go back in time to stop the 3rd War (*grabs head* “arrghh”)  
– Ryu runs into CL. CL tries to convinces Ryu that only he can save mankind. Although Ryu is reluctant to leave CL behind to face down Gill-guy  
– CL ends all arugments with Ryu by kicking him into the time portal. and tells him that she will wait for him to come back.  
– CL left to fight Gill-guy but she no match for him and got captured  
– Gill-guy wants Ryu’s demon essence from CL and hangs her up in a funky chamber. so his demonic eye thing can drain that energy from her  

– While Ryu is back in the past 2009. where Lord Vega and Ken are. Lord Vega saw part of his childhood
– That of his hellish training given by his dad. How his dad sort of save his life once.
– Long story short. They failed to stop the 3rd War  
– And were sent back to the future (Doc Brown!!)  
– Gill-guy tries to trick CL into giving up Ryu’s demon by blaming her for distracting Ryu from his job to save the world. Failed to but thinks he’s onto something.  
– Blanka and Guile rescues CL but she was possesed by Ryu’s demon again  
– Gill guy manages to take that essence from her (oy origins of Legacy’s Tale’s sub plot………)  
– Everybody else fights Gill-guy, ends up badly injured or dead  

Last iss 115 *pants* Here we go  
– Ryu the last one to arrive. Sees Lord Vega dies  
– Sees injured CL, Goes over to comfort her  
– Sees Ken get killed, goes over to Ken  
– While he’s over there. Gill-guy kills CL (CL’s 1st death scene)  
– Ryu’s power level went into overdrive and fight Gill-guy.  
– On verge of losing, still fight  
– One Dragonball style major level qi punch later  
– Gill-guy is defeated.  
– Reality shifts some. The scene looks like Hong Kong, all is peaceful as balance is restored  
– The 12 World warriors on some roof top  
– CL back with Ryu  
– Everybody lives happiliy ever after  

Well? Someone started it. Aka some pointless facts (keeping it in the SF mythos and not bringing any other sword fighting novels to mind) – Cliff jumping, whether to commit suicide or escape from enemies. the one who started is Ryu’s mom. Jump off a cliff to join her hsuband in death (told as a flashback. so if you don’t want to count this, its back to RCL jumping off cliff to escape capture) 
– Taking a blow for a loved one. CL’s dad in this series – Zhong Wu Shen (Gen-ish guy) took a blow for CL (Ken’s hadoken) and eventually die of it. 
– Killed by an offspring. Still CL’s dad. Took a blow from and for CL and died 

– Fighting against love interest’s step dad. Ryu vs Vega (Bison) 
– Love interest taking blow for warrior. Surprisingly its not CL for Ryu but Ryu taking a sword blow for CL and injuring his hand 
– And since you said that RCL hadn’t fallen in love at that point. Love interest taking a blow for warrior and went into a coma because of it. Eliza for Balrog/Vega (She remained devoted to Balrog after marriage) 
– First person to go into a coma of sorts. Incredibly its Ryu after his fight with Vega (So that coma thing is a close fight between Ryu and Eliza. It all depends on whether you call Ryu’s coma a coma.) 
– Love interest dying before you eyes. Ryu was on brink of death that’s why CL had to interfere saved his life. 
– Evil CL happened as a result of Ryu’s demon possesing her.  

– Ryu and Chun Li 1st kiss. This series and only this series and depending on how fussy you are its the one that Ryu dreamt of or the one where that’s a huge explosion in the background 
– Ryu and Chun Li sex scene? Only twice in this series (30 to 40 issue apart. I will not disclose further information) and none in the others. And no I will not scan these pics for you 
– Okay fine, Ryu and Chun Li embracing also started in this series and possibly the most intimate thing that is present in the other series. 
– Ryu and Chun Li getting married. Defintely here.  

– Evil In-laws, CL’s mom is mean and her step dad is always at odds with Ryu 
– Ryu fighting with Vega (Bison) 
– The only mention of Ryu and Ken’s sensei ever had adughter in pre-Gouken-type-sensei days. The Gen-type-sensei is CL ‘s biological dad only here. (Vega is step- dad. but written as biological dad in other series) 
– That guy with the horn hairstyle and cape who is sort of the most powerful guy in pre-Gouki days. Over here he’s CL’s granddad (inane Iwa says – RCL’s family never got along. It came down to them and they got along well. Sort Romeo and Juliet but I still won’t call them star-crossed)

Run down of CL’s family history
– CL’s grandads hate each others. On her step-dad’s side is the military guy in green (Shen Wu Tian wang aka Vega(Bison)’s master). Her mom’s (Si Nian) side is the horn pre Gouki-type guy (Xuan wu tian mo) 
– Xuan Wu had 3 disciples. Gen type guy, some curly hair blondie lover of Si Nian, and Shoryu (Ryu’s dad) who was latter banished. Gen killed Si nian’s lover. raped her and ran away. ( Around here Xuan Wu dissapeared)
– Gen-type met Zhan Hu and received Ryu.
– Some years down Vega came along, saw Si Sian and took her and young CL back home. With his other 3 lackeys beat the crap out of his dad and seal him up.
– Many more years RCL later met and more shit happens ( this is only applicable in SF2. SF3’s history is re-rewritten with SFZ3 when Gouki and Gouken had a fixed look) @_@

-The look for Vega’s male master started here. The military guy in green is Vega’s father. The duo are always estrange due to the way Vega was brought up

– Demonic offspring started off here 
– Gill type maniacal guys started late in this series. Dan of Capcom Unity blog has some pics of the last issue of the series (my copy is sealed up on account of disintergration). Note that Gill Guy was wearing a toga.
– Only Ryu can save the world 
– Giant lizard 
– And of course Alien guys and stealing ideas from Dragonball

– And I can go to sleep since this is written so near my bedtime. And thank you for making it to the bottom of this page. Wierd thing is that there is always a tournament but it is never finished as fights got so out of hand that the arenas get destroyed (various series. Sounds like Capcom vs SNK )  
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