Heart of Spring

Part 1 of 21st March 1968  


Shadowlaw is abuzz with activities today. Today it is the Spring Festival of Planting, the heart of tradition that citizens look forward to. But within the palace of the Crown Prince there is a different buzz of activities. This is because the Crown Prince’s consort is in labour since the wee hours of the morning  

Outside his wife’s chamber Vega(Bison) paced back and forth repeatedly. Normally he would not be this interested but ever since he sensed the potential of this child, he had made sure that his Chinese wife gets the best of medical tonic and rest and whatever that was needed.  


Not that he was interested in having a male heir, but more to the fact that whether male or female, this particular child is strong with the Psycho Power. This child will be his heir and when the time is right, he will ascend the throne. But first this child is taking up his attention.  

Looking outside the windows, Vega noticed the citizens are about ready for to plant the seedlings as the auspicious hour is almost here.  


"WWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" A young scream was heard from within, the child had usher in the auspicious hour.  

"Good Lungs. Definitely good lungs." Vega mumbled.  

Moments later the door opens a maid rushes out.  

"Lord! It’s a little princess!! Both mother and child are out danger!!" she exclaimed. Vega entered and the little bundle was handed over to him. Vega check once more to make sure that his heir was without defects. He nodded to the midwife who took her leave.  

"Praise be to the Seven Powers that be. She’s healthy….Let us see if my instinct prove right." He mumbled. His attention focus on his heir instead of to the woman on the bed, whom the maid was taking care of at the moment.  


Drawing blood from his own finger, Vega drip a drop of blood onto the child’s forehead. Then the drop of blood seem to take on life, a transparent blue fire that burns harmlessly on the child’s forehead. Vega laughed within so as not to frighten his daughter. The seed of Psycho Power was strong indeed as it awaits the right cultivation.  


"A true heir indeed, what more to be born in this hour. Your life is most interesting indeed, little flower. You will need a name though." Vega mumbled, tickling the child under her chin. He carried her towards the balcony, mumbling to himself at the same time.  

"Tomorrow you will be put through the required test, my child." He mumbled on.  

"I am most confident you will survive them and be anointed as my true heir." Vega missed the gasp of fear coming from his wife.  


Outside the window, the wind carried with it the fragrance of Spring blossoms in bloom, slightly further away the citizens were planting seedlings into the ground.  


"Si-Nian. How do you say Spring in Chinese?"  

"…Chun…" the tired woman’s voice was a soft, she was upset that he cared more about their child than her present condition.  

"Chun….hhmm…a beautiful sounding name for a beautiful child….Great Grand Mama’s name is Victoria Lilian the eighth( not the Jiu Dao Nui), one of Shadowlaw’s greatest female rulers….." Vega looked towards the field once more deep in thought  

"Lilian,….Lili….Lil……hmmm….Li….yes Li indeed. Si-Nian! What does Li translate into?" he shouted back once more.  

"Li…graceful as in xiu li…… or…….beautiful as in mei li…."  


"Yes… excellent indeed. Her name will be ChunLi! Beauty from the heart of Spring! May the Seven Powers that be watch over you. Little one."" He exclaimed  


Vega stretched his arms outwards holding the child over the balcony allowing sunlight to wash over the child. Subjects gathered below the balcony.  

"Sound the bells. I present to you my citizens my daughter who is also chosen as my heir. This is ChunLi! Beauty from the heart of Spring!!!! May she usher in a new era!!" He proclaimed.  


Within moments the palace bells began ringing, it was not long when the bells of the country were ringing as the people celebrated the two occasions. Vega returned ChunLi to cradle, placing her beside two stuff toy wolves, one brown-white and the other grey-white.  

"Sleep well my little Gem of Shadowlaw. You will have a busy day tomorrow indeed." He stroked ChunLi’s head before taking his leave. He chuckled inwardly when he noticed how the child seem to have soften his hard exterior.  

< This child will have me running in circles for her one day. > He mused to himself.  




The next morning,  


Lord Vega getting was himself ready for the ceremony, he hasn’t being in such a good mood since he conquered that little country. His chamber doors creaked open slowly as his butler entered with breakfast and a messenger followed him in.  

"Yes? What news do you bring?" he asked, sipping his coffee.  

"Ah yes. How is my little princess this morning?" Vega asked his butler.  

"….." both butler and messemger were silent. And this arouse Vega’s suspicions that something had gone wrong. Putting down his coffee, he steeple his hands before him.  


"…….the princess and your highness’ consort are missing….." the messenger blurted out.  

"WHAT!!!!" he bellowed, grabbing the messenger by the collar he pulled him face to face.  

"….This morning….they were found to be missing this morning!!! AAARRRHHH!!!" the messenger screamed in pain as he burned in the Psycho Power. Heading out of his chambers Vega tossed the charred body aside, stalking down to his wife’s room.  


As he burst in the room the servants within dropped to their knees trembling with fear. The silent cradle with one grey-white toy wolf within cause his anger to rise even further.  

"RRAAAGHHHHH!!!!! FOOLS!!!! Nothing but a bunch of useless fools!!!!!" He roared turning around he flung a ball of Psycho Power flame towards the cringing servants burning them.  


Taking the grey-white toy wolf in hand Vega mumbled as he as stalked towards his study.  

"I swear by the seven powers that be. I will tear through this very earth to find you my child! The one who dares abduct you will suffer and beg to die…."  


The whole palace was in a panic by now. The person who had hired the servant who was an Interpol agent was killed too. The two guards who guarded the back gates are in the dungeons now. Vega now knew who did it, he had an idea why for that matter.  


"FIND THEM!!! Find them at all cost!! Make sure my heir is safe. If not there will be hell to pay!!!!!!! Out!! Out!! All of you!!! Do not return with you worthless lives if you fail to find my little ChunLi!!!!" Vega bellowed, the officers scrambled out of the study immediately. Another officer entered as the rest left.  


"Begin Project Infiltration now! Find the man who gave the order and make him suffer." He ordered. The officer saluted him left the study.  

"How dare you take my heir. For three months you hide within my Palace waiting to find someone who will give you the information you seek. You use my woman to get to my secrets. You use my child as hostage! You will pay dearly…You will pay! I will make you beg for death." Vega swored, the fire of rage burns within his eyes.  

"They will suffer….I will see to that personally….." he growled.