Street Fighter is a game of fight developed by Capcom in 1987. At the playable level, it was presented as a challenging game to master since it was the first arcade that used six buttons to hit (three for losing punch/medium/ strong and another three for loose / medium / strong kick). And not only in the subject of the buttons, but also the particular blows had to be carried out making semicircles or circles combining them with punches or kicks. This made it a complicated game, but if it went deeper, Street Fighter was discovered as a very playable game. With a lot of practice, he could master the problematic Hadoken (Energy Ball), Shoryuken (Dragon’s Fist) and Tatsumaki Senpu-Kyaku (Hurricane Kick), which became a player admired by all and a fantastic fighter, since the CPU did little to avoid these blows, and a single Hadoken removed almost half of life of the opponent. This complicated handling, in the end, was not so much, since even today by day, the following chapters of Street Fighter maintain the same system of buttons and control.

In Street Fighter only had two fighters: Ryu and Ken, very similar to each other but with a different appearance (Ryu is brown and brown hair with white karate gi and Ken is white with blond hair with red hair karate). Both fighters presented themselves as main karatekas and knew how to do the same techniques. Here you could see that already in the first Street Fighter, Ryu and Ken already knew how to make their best-known techniques, such as the Hadoken as mentioned above, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpu-Kyaku.

Unlike the following games of the saga, in this, each country had two fighters that were mandatory to win to move to the next phase. At the beginning of the game, the country where they started was chosen as Japan, USA. UU., China, and England. And according to which the order was accepted first, it varied, but always the last country was Thailand.

  • Japan, USA UU., China, and England.
  • USA UU., England, Japan, and China.
  • England, China, USA UU, and Japan.
  • China, England, Japan, and the USA UU

Also, it is possible to emphasize that the loser in combat was passed in counting from 9 to 0 struck and it could be said that humiliated. Like most Street Fighter games, in this also the fights happened in different parts of the world. Street Fighter had a couple of fighters per country, so, although the game only featured two playable characters, there were a dozen characters controlled by the CPU to fight. These fighters (and their respective countries) were: Ryu, Ken Masters, Retsu, Geki, Gen, Read, Mike, Joe, Birdie, Eagle, Adon, and Sagat.

Game trajectory

  • Japan: this is Ryu’s country. Upon entering here, you could see the faces with Retsu, a Buddhist monk and Geki, a ninja who disappeared, was very fast and continuously threw shuriken.
  • United States: this is the country of Ken Masters. Here you could find Joe, a corpulent full contact fighter without a shirt and red pants; and Mike, an African-American boxer, who despite his similarities with Balrog, known in Japan as M. Bison, Capcom has claimed that they are not the same character.
  • China: in this country, Lee was a fighter with the typical Chinese suit and uncle of the current characters Yun and Yang and Gen a white-bearded fighter and purple tunic, who years later was rescued for inclusion in the campus of Street Fighter Alpha 2.
  • United Kingdom: this country was Birdie, which was also rescued to include it in Street Fighter Alpha and the other was Eagle. He is an elegant fighter who used a few sticks to hit, and was also rescued from this game to include it in Capcom VS SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 and later in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but only in the versions of Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable.
  • Thailand: in this country faced a complicated muay Thai fighter named Adon, who returns to light in Street Fighter Alpha. It should be noted that in case of overcoming all rivals, the last opponent was Sagat, a Thai of two meters’ high who attacked continuously with blows of muay thai and it was complicated to beat.

It is in the final combat where Ryu (the protagonist of all the saga), leaves the characteristic scar in the chest to Sagat, injury that will be able to be seen in later versions of the game.