Game Guys and Gals

Game guys and gals


Everybody has their own list of fave game guys and gals. Well this is my little list and the rankings are quite current and depending on what games I’ve being playing the list is subject to changes. I’ll start with the guys because they are the ones they suffer the most changes in ranking since I’m a fickle little fan girl. The ranking is somewhat bias as two characters had being sitting in the same spot since day one. You’ll have to remember to whom this website is dedicated to. ‘Flow’ is only related to how often I would use the character not to how much I like a character. And yes with temporary end of Metal Gear Solid fever. Terry has reclaim his postion from Snake Senior and Junior


10 Feb 2005

Game guys


Street Fighter 2

Sitting comfortably in 1st place is good old Ryu. He’s been here for as long as I can remember, he’s half the reason for the birth of this website if it ain’t obvious enough.   

Ryu’s the 2nd SFer that I used, I guess its partly due to CL that I come to notice him and after that little introduction he kept his position quite well.   

He’s the guy who made me buy SF3 comics when CL wasn’t in it. But Ryu can only do so much to keep my interest in Street Fighter 3 until CL return in 3rd strike. The best flow among the Shoto type charcters  

Some people would say that he’s in 1st place because he slept with CL to the top. But his relationship with CL (in comics) did help him somewhat. Along the years it seems that I grew to like him. And his side profile always seem so striking.  

In terms of fave videogame characters (guys and gals) Ryu is still behind CL as number two, with the knowledge that to me CL is Street Fighter 

Terry Bogard

Fatal Fury

Never got around to figuring out why I like this guy, I just do. The new boys like Kyo, Iori and K'(sorry boys) does not have his appeal. He’s like Ryu yet he’s different.   

If he has to worry about losing his position it would be to Rock Howard(rather cute fella, very good flow).   

The easiest guy to cosplay when I had long hair for about a year or so and me got tons of vest (until weather gotten too warm)  

As videogame guy Terry always seems to lose his 2nd place but quietly reclaims it every time after the initial interest in that game dies off. 

Oh in case you’re wondering. I don’t dislike Blue Mary(not enough flow, sorry), she just happen to be the type of characters that I don’t often use.   

In terms of fave videogame characters (guys and gals) Terry is still fighting for the number 3 spot with Yuri Sakazaki ever since she shows up in Art of Fighting 2.

Rock Howard

Fatal Fury

Rock Kun! The pretty boy has finally clawed his way up with contenders like Master mighty Chin – Lord Vega and Mr Karate – Takuma Sakazaki. 

I like him since his hair style was somewhat similiar to mine during my pre-Tidus hairdays and the fact that I own a almost similiar looking jacket of a different colour. 

Rock has a rather nice flow even though his father doesn’t.This is the one cute guy who would seriously give quiet Terry a run for his money. Gambareh Rock kun. You’ll never beat Ryu but you can try going against Terry. 






Game Gals

Chun Li

Street Fighter 2

CL is Street Fighter to mebecause if not for her I wouldn’t be playing Street Fighter or any fighting games for that matter. She is the first significant woman warrior in videogames to stand out. She got me addicted to Street Fighter the game, the comics and stuff. She came and sort of lifted me out of depression in one of the worst school years of my life. Practically a role model   

Truly stands out in her classic cheongsam, beautiful yet tough as the guys. Fast and strong enough.   

She started the whole ‘flow’ thing. She eventually set the standards on how I would judge other game characters *shrugs* based on how close their flow comes to hers.  


Which is why so far no other Capcom/videogame gal has being able to fill her mighty boots (sorry no offense). Love her or hate her she will always be the grand dame of fighting games   

For any other game gal to take this first place, she must mean a whole lot more to me than CL because I suspect that on some level I worship CL(short of some candles, some chanting and a sacrificial Ryu offering. The website is good enough).   

In terms of fave videogame characters (guys and gals) CL is number 1 and very comfortably so since its not likely for any other character to surpass CL in anyway (unfortunately my bias is too strong and CL had a major headstart and strong history).   

If I ever get tired of her it would simply mean that either something is wrong with me or that for some strange reason CL broke my heart.

Yuri Sakazaki

Art of Fighting 2

Little sister of Ryo. Comfortably in 2nd place because she went from kidnapped little sister into kick ass fighter. Simply adorable even though she’s was created to poke fun at the Shoto boys. For some strange reason she’s like the amalgam of Ryu and Chun Li.(play Yuri through the KOF series and you’ll know what I mean)   

I sort of see her as me because I am a little sister myself, suffering the annoying occasional tyranny of an older brother and sometimes restricted from doing things that my bro’s allow to do.   

In terms of fave videogame characters (guys and gals) Yuri is still competing for 3rd place with Terry. She has beaten Ryo handily while Takuma almost join the fight for third place.

Li Xiang Fei

Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 

In 3rd place as fave game gal is cute little Xiang Fei who seems like a cross between Pai and CL. I like her ever since I saw her in the 3D Fatal Fury game because she’s such a fun character to use.   

So far its seems that she’s not much of a threat to Yuri much less CL. Its strange as I have more fave younger girls in KOF than in SF. After taking over King’s position of 3rd place she’s still here fending off King  

In terms of fave videogame characters (guys and gals) Xiang Fei is among the various contenders to get into the fight for 3rd place




So far anybody below 3rd place stand a chance to rumble for third. And if you don’t count ChunLi and Ryu, 3rd place is practically 1st place where non-RCL characters are concern. Non Fighting games characters don’t seem to stay long enough. Getting kick out once I lost interest in the game. so far folks of the long run are always from Street fighter, King of Fighter (or AOF, FF) and Tekken  

The notable contenders:  

Xiang Fei, Takuma, Kazuya Mishima, King(KOF not Tekken), Vega(Bison), Rock Howard and Kim Kwap Hwan. The folks who had kicked Snake Senior & Junior, Auron and Samnosuke out of the race. Is it just me or tons of SNK characters are abound?  

Takuma – Gets kick around too often whenever some new guy comes in. He’s kinda fun and I see him as the kooky version of an older Ryu.  

Kazuya – Me like Mishima men(Heihachi and Jin too). Don’t get me wrong, Jun Kazama is also one of my fave fighters. Whoa that makes the entire Mishima family, minus Lee of course. Its the ‘flow’ thing mainly, have to go check Xiaoyu’s. And I like Kazuya just slightly more than Jin and Heihachi.   

King – Its one of those things about her being the only girl in the group. A kickboxer and she has a very strong flow to boot. While Mai didn’t make it as her flow was so disruptive (try playing Yuri, King and Mai, shoto-ish, CL-ish+kickboxer and got lost when it comes to Mai ) that I dropped Mai for Kim Kwap Hwan in Fatal Fury 2. Usually play King, Yuri and Takuma with Ryo in striker mode because of Ryo’s slightly weaker flow    

Vega (Bison) – the original SF villian. mighty big grin and huge jaw. Can’t use him well but came to like the master at some weird point of SF time (possibly around the animated movie, go figure)  

Kim Kwap Hwan – A personal fave when I dropped Mai for him in Fatal Fury 2. Extremely strong flow and beat the crap out of my bro’s characters constantly. Have to relearn him in KOF series because spent most of time on Sakazaki family