Iwa says –A collection of short one off stories (Kanzaki Masaomi, Udon crew, etc)and illustrations by various artists (Nakahira Masahiko, Mami Itoetc). Cover done by Akiman,  And from the tone of it, its mainly SFIV-ish except for apperances by Ibuki and Makoto. My copy came with a SF-The legend of Chun Li notebook
9 short stories done by the Japanese artists and 1 round robin story by 5 Udon folks. The one done by the Udon artists threw me off since I was reading right to left. (as if I could read Japanese but you get the idea)

Some Stories
Ryu after
(Kanzaki Masaomi) – Has Ryu visiting his sensei’s grave and Sakura tagging along. And Gouki pops up to haress them
A Seth based story by Teppei Fukuhara of which Seth had captured Ryu and is reading his brain to steal his martial art secrets. Yet it puzzles Seth that various SF gals showed up in Ryu’s thoughts (CL, Sakura and Effe – That gal with Twelve)
Street Fighter folks in school – There always seems to be one such story
The one done by the Udon folks seems to be a bit of a round robin story whereby the last pic connects to a sort of new unrelated story

Considering the Udon folks are involve and the book is in color as oppose to the usual black and white anthology, any chance that it might get translated in English? I wouldn’t mind having another copy in a language I can read