Email Iwa

Please read before you email me

I received spams in my emails lately

Odd offers and bogus lottery

That annoyed me greatly

Because of some people partly

I am repetitive sadly

Do not:

– Get the idea that I am running an online shop

– Get the idea that I’m running a comic scan site

– Ask me to scan you pics for your scan site (I see no reason to do that for anyone at all)

– Ask me to give you links to scan site ( I neither condone or condemn. Just believe in having a book in hand to read. Therefore I tempt you to find the book you desire *LOL*)

– Ask me to scan you entire series of whatever comics

– Email me just to use my pics to sell your things online

– Ask me things not related to Street Fighter. Because I seriously have no idea outside my field of knowledge/interest therefore may not be able to effectively help you.

– Be vague and expect me to read your mind.

– USE CAPTIALS LETTERS!!. You should know by now that is shouting

– Use SMS (short message service) language in your mail. Reading such email would require a translater on my part

– Ask me questions that I have no answers to.

Ask me about shipment of SF collectibles/comics around/to your area. I do not live in your area, so how should I know what’s going there unless I have a few friends who do live there and have said something about it.

Unless you live in Singapore of course. But then I would only know what I know and what fellow collectors or shopkeeps let me know. But if you’re here and go to that forum you would have already know what I know since we get the news from the same place.

– Ask me to sell you any of my mangas, manhwas, comics. Chun Lis or Ryus or those unsellable pieces of my personal collection. (sorry)

– Ask me to help you buy SF collectibles. I cannot paypal and have lost a whole of of interest in online sale because of that.

– Ask me for game tips or character bios as I am not a game site. Go check my links for these instead.

– Ask me to start up a game review section. Other people are already doing a better job than me. Go to their sites. Go check my links for these instead.

– Ask about books that I do not have

– Write strange/threathening things in subject field

– Spam me just because you hate my guts when I reject your offer

– Email me viruses just because you hate my guts when I reject your offer (If you crash my computer I will take action to sue you)

– Be rude and talk like I owe you a living and that makes me obligated to sell you stuff.

– Ask for hentai RCL pics.

– Think that flattery would make me sell you my stuff

– Expect a reply if you sound like a lunatic.

– Patronise me with the whole ‘Ryu and Chun Li are my fave fighters and your site is the best thing since slice bread’ routine. Its rude and I know you only need information about Ken, Gouki or some manga.

– Preach to me about following Canonical Steet Fighter things for I am still a fansite, Try the Street Fighter Plot guide instead( short of emailing Capcom Japan). Its the closest thing to canon. These guys practically comb through quite a number of Japanese game guide and the games itself

– Email me and say "Iwa!!!! I can’t find the books, they don’t exist in my country! Sell/Scan me yours!!!!!! And no I have not search those 2nd hand book store sites myself to check if the books exist. Therefore you must find those books for me or scan me yours!!!!!!!!!!!!"


– Be polite and I will do my best to answer and help within my ablity

– Keep an open mind that man huas, mangas and even comics are not 100% canon

– Be specific about what you are asking about. Being specific will help greatly to jog my memory when you’re asking about storylines or somesuch.

– Be mindful of subject header and the way you phrase it, less chance of me thinking it is spam.

– PLEASE put Street Fighter Question
to your email subject. I’m less likely to delete it accidently

– Describe the book / collectible / thingy. Being vague is not helpful

– Add a picture or link if you’re not good with words

– Use simple English to phrase your questions. 

– Remember that I am not a scan site and am not obligated to scan pics

And Please try try try try try try try try try trytry try try trytry try try try

– Try Amazon I got some information from there by just typing in the ISBN Number of the books or keywords in Japanese or English like ‘Street Fighter (suto ritofita in Katagana, copy and paste from Capcom site) you get the idea’ ‘Capcom’ and in one case ‘Chun Li (preferably her name in kanji)’. Oh and the site is in Japanese. Tip though, if you are going to Japan you could buy your books from Amazon and have them deliver to your hotel a few days before you arrive. Just make sure you’re staying for a few days in case you miss your delivery. If they don’t ship overseas try and see if Celga,Rinkya, Crescent shop, etc can buy them for you

– Go to ebay and search

– Try searching 7andy, Yahoo booksKoyudoBookoffJunkudo and Amazon again then see if CelgaRinkya, Crescent shop can buy them for you

– Go  Yahoo! Japan then see if CelgaRinkya, Crescent shop, can bid them for you.

Remember you want Book-in-hand. So you can always have book with you.

Buy books = sales. Good sales = happy publishers and happy marketing department people. Happy licenseing people = more likely to license franchise = more comics = more books on sale.

I can hope can’t I? Now you know why I want book-in-hand. Help me out here okay. Yes I can go read old unofficial/official HK manhwas and Udon SF that I don’t own by doing a search using a different name for SF(tried it, found it, rummage through it and Lord Bison and my two senseis took my memories of the links).  But I don’t want to. So Book-in-hand!

Still determined to email me in spite of what I said above? Feel free. I can’t stop you anyway. But I can delete you email