The Team Of Dolls


The Dolls in Costumes


The Dolls are a costuming project  in which I sew for them clothes that were a close design of other characters from books, video games or whatever. Some outfits hand sewn on account of not learning how to use the sewing machine.  


The team of Dolls

The team

What started off with Big Chun-5 and young Ryu-5) was followed CVS Ryu14 and a customed CL who brought along some of her buddies.
I’m gonna introduced them anyway since they pretty much part of my project. With the eception of the 2 Ryus and 2 Chun Lis. The rest I painted

Top row l to r – Randal (Volks WTG Yamato), Ryu14 (Highdream Ryu on Volks Neo Guy body), Casey (Volks Neo Goh2 -Obitsu Regular male hybrid), Ryu5 (SFZ Ryu on a 21st centuray soldier body)
Middle row l to r – Erisa (Volks Neo Goh 3- BBI Perfect body hybrid), Chun Li5 (SFT Chun Li on Fem basix body), Zannah (Obitsu Slim male2 – BBI Perfect Body hybrid) 
Bottom l to r – Erika, Obi-Chun and April (Obitsu heads F02 and F01 on Obitsu 2 part soft busts). Helen (Volks Type C – Obitsu -Obitsu 2 part soft bust hybrid)

Video games based

Well duh that  
Final Fantasy X -Yuna   
After playing Final Fantasy over 90 hours. This is bound to happen, you know. Yuna’s costume made mainly with ribbons. No Tidus, Rikku, Kimahri or Wakka ya.
One heck of a learning curve to get this done That butterfly was a hairclip ya Final Fantasy  X – Lulu   
How many belts? The answer is 15 ya. Auron and Lulu *Laughs* No stuffed toys were de-tailed or skinned in the making of Lulu’s costume. Ya  



King of Fighters series- Vice    
Until I can sew a nicer looking vest

She Art of Fighting series – Yuri Sakazaki (customed from SOTA Sakura) 
The ultimate level upper piece. Since she’s a freaking 6 inch action figure it ups the difficulty factor for me.  T_T (I should go back to 12 inchers) I made pants (whoohoo pants! – see Auron) instead of tights because I don’t wanna paint her legs.  
Also broke her left hands… So that was on loan from Cammy. 
image Street Fighters – Chun Li 
After years of trying to make Chun Li into somebody, the role reversal finally came and I sort of made an Obitsu into Chun Li. On account of not being an official CL she’s named The Obi-Chun and has to be in player 2 colors where the CL costume is concern. Still wasn’t able to make a proper petal sleeve hem. 

Her original hair made her too DOA Kasumi for my liking so I rerooted her in a prefered color.  Some pics
The pattern-impaired Iwa’s guide to Cheongsam making
The 8 colors of Chun Li

Doll unit Street Fighters –Doll units

I could never get all of them in full costume. something always happen, one or two of them not in costume or equipment damage. Again the result of there being no Doll Units actions figures. So far I could only get Yanyu and Satsuki since the others didn’t have the right look. (Xiayu was suppose to be the one with the blue sash, I made a msitake). Would redo this pic when I get the equipment done up again

Ignore the doll with the silver hair, she’s wearing her bodysuit back to front
The Bodysuit tutorial is on a Doll forum I hang out at until I do one for DA

Rose Street Fighters – Rose

Like the Dolls. There was no Rose Action figure. Got a little cut happy with the bodysuit and it suffered some damage

Final Fantasy X-2 – Songstress Yuna
Ruffles are evil to make when you can find ready-made ones. Some pics here and some here



Well its mainly on my blog since the only other place its on is a Doll forum. Because of these dolls, I lost interest in collecting Gashaphons and miscellanous stuff. But I am still not gonna sell my stuff.
Project Street Fighter Bits of pieces of Street Fighter based costume
Colours of Chun Li Part 1
Colours of Chun Li Part 2
A little project involving making her costumes in more or less her colour palate

VGMAND Tour shoot

Took some dolls with me to Japan and the theme they had going was Street Fighter (You can blame Ryu for that, especially the Osaka Castle series). Click on the VGMAND tag if you want to see the rest of my vacation pics
Wirework 1
Wirework 2
Wirework 3 (Enter the Dolltrix x Dollynator)
The team of Dolls doing stunt work
Rose cosplay
Zannah from the Team of Dolls cosplaying Rose. I forgot to let Ryu cosplay Vega (Bison) for this

SOTA Ryu and Chun Li outing

SOTA crew photoshoot at various random location. Some Ryu x CL

Balancing act and The Melon saga

Balancing act is just SOTA Ryu vs Chun Li with me attempting to balace the couple off each other while sparring. The Melon saga is an inane shoot that was partially based on Zero




And since I spent a large part of my time and energy in sewing these with the constant threat of getting Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. If you have to take the pics for your own site please email me or at least link a credit to my site at  otherwise it reflects very badly on you. 


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