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ChunLi & Ryu in Keychains K-G1

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 Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online


Keychain RCL-1

This bunch of keychains is kinda old. I also have Balrog(Vega).

Keychain CLR-2

CL-2 and Ryu-3 were kinda like a lucky charm that I would bring for exams while i was still in school. I remeber getting CL at one of those machines where you have to match the two revolving lights

Keychain CLR-3

Because I thought Ryu-3 was with CL-2 He had a run-in with a red marker pen *shrugs* . I sold off Ken and Gouki locally. The only piece of Rose and Guy anything.

Somewhere in SFZ

An ad I found confirm that this pair are from the SFZ line. apprently there is another set which I don’t have

SF3 Ryu

This Ryu is from the SF3 series. I got an Elena as well. Why Elena? Because the two lights at the machine match at Elena, That’s why.

Keychain RCL-5

Cute huh. From Capcom vs SNK line. Ryu (w/Kyo) and ChunLi (w/K’) came from two different branches of the Comics Connection shops. What? RCL linked together by the clips?