Capstars Dm


Capcom All Stars

Ryu regular and blue with Gallon, Nina(BOF 4) Kaeda (Onimusha) and Hinata

I expected too much from this lot. I was hoping that Ryu would be similiar in size to my Gashapon CLs so that I can have a nice looking group shot of Ryu surrounded by a couple of CLs.     

Ah! But on the bright side I now have 4 mini Ryus flanking a mini CL *Laughs*    

Specially brought in by my supplier, was told that there are alternative colours as well. Set of ten also contains Rainbow Mika, Dhalsim, Rockman, Lei Lei and Hayato. 

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

Ryu and Chun Li

Found this little pair at the flea market. the set of 11 was suppose to contain Dan, Donavan, Morrigan, Sakura, Felicia, Gouki, Devilot and Lei Lei other fellas who names escape me because I was like ‘POUNCE!!!!’ when I saw RCL at that time. Bought Ken one 3rd visit.

Street Fighter Heroines

CL and Karin


These are the varient colours. Somehow Karin is the prettiest of the lot, while CL is a bit plain compared to her earlier incarnation. Still no Rose it seems. There’s Mika, Sakura and Cammy. This is my first Karin ever. And CL is displayed this way because she looks better this way.

Chun Li

Kinu Nishimura: Capcom Figure Collection – Yamato

A pretty little piece that I had to tikam. Gotten Jin and Devilot but sold them off. I don’t know if I ever wanna get Jin and pretend that he’s Ryu looming over CL . HAHA!!)

Chun Li

Capcom Fighting Jam  – Yujin


She’s actually a chase/secret character. Full team consist of Midnight blissed: Guile, Alex, Hull A and Hull B, Ingrid, Anarkris. Kept a Chun Li and Guile. Sold the rest.  

She’s placed with that bunch of Chunnies on account of her being almost similiar in height with them. Its a pity that they didn’t make a Midnight blissed Ryu

Chun Li and Iwa-Repaint Pocket Fighter Love Letter attack Chun Li – Pinky

Pinky did a KOF series featuring Mai and Athena as well. This SF series contains Chun Li and Sakura.  

Saky looks somewhat like Card Captor Sakura though. Had wanted to sell Saky off but ended up repainting her into Pocket Fighter CL. There’s no male Pinkys so sadly CL can’t do her love letter attack on Ryu  

Switched bodies


Capcom Fighting Jam – Max Factory

The full set also contains Alex, Guy, Pyron, Leo from Warzard / Red Earth, Demitri and secret charatcer Ingrid.   

No surprise that I end up displaying Ryu with this bunch of gashasphon gals. And no surprise who his main display partners are  ^_^ (depending on whether he is firing or charging his hadoken. Finally a gasha Ryu

Chun Li and Iwa-Repaint overly tan Ryu bust

Namco X Capcom – Bandai

The full set also contains Kosmos, Kai with Gilgamesh bust, Valkyerie with Sandra & Koakuman bust, Morrigan with Hutzil (bot)?, Lilith with Zabel bust.  

I didn’t quite like thetransparent Ryu bust so I painted him over. Messed up the paint and now he looks a little too tan (Unfortunately he does not look Satsui no Haduoi-ish enough :P). If I’m ever up to it I might repaint his skin tone again.   

And yes I would still very much like a full height Ryu for this bunch of figures

Terry, Chun Li, Ryu and Ken

Capcom vs SNK – Epoch

A rather old set that I found. Crew also contains Iori and Kyo

Chun Li – Organic

This PVC cutie broke my rule of not collecting statues. She’s as cute as can be and looks like she’s about to launch into a spinning bird kick. Did I mention she was cute.  

CL with her box as background 

CL with Roto Ryu looming behind her 

CL with Roto BRE (snH Ryu) looming behind her 

CL with both Rotos looming behind her. 

Her looming partner became someone else’s sparring partner

Chun Li

Street Fighter Nishimura Kinu Chun Li

Sculpted by Takeshi Hamasaki

Girl Fighting Series – Max Factory

Okay so now I collect statues as well. 

As I was afraid of her breaking at the knee 

She went from mid air kikoken to just chilling and stretching on top of Ryu’s head. Thereby becoming the 5th of my sitting CL series until I can find a nice base for her to sit on or a better looking low base to return her to her mid air kikoken glory. 

1 / 6 or 12 inch in height (figure) the box is huge on account of the stand. Her foot was slotted into the tight base. 

Series also includes Cammy and Sakura 

Inspiring me pose theHigh dream pair to do this similiar pose in order to draw the pic ofRyu and CL firing off a projectile

Pink Zero Chun Li

Capcom Girls Collection Heavy Gauge – Yamato

Gotten on account of an almost 50% discount sale going on. One of the few pink ones in a series of blue. This one with the flowing ribbons tempts me to get that Ryu statue who has a beautiful side profile.