Valentine chocolate – Chun Li

This slightly ‘constipated'(no offense) CL is part of the Valentine Chocolate set. Manage to find a set that does not cost an arm or a leg. Sold off Morrigan, Lillith and Sakura locally. Single CL(green) at my supplier’s shop


Xmas cake – Chun Li 

This delicious looking CL is also sold at a set a very reasonable price. Got her in Midpoint. Sold off Cammy. regular and alternative colour sets available at certain shops.


Capcom & SNK & Sammy collection figure – CL

This ‘aching back’ (no offense) CL is part a three piece that feature Mai of SNK and Dizzy of Sammy (Guilty Gear?). She’s about the same size as VDay and Xmas CL. Sold off Mai and Dizzy locally. regular and alternative colours sets available at certain shops


Capcom vs SNK – CL

The 6 little fellas (Mai sold, Geese and Cammy remain) from the Capcom vs SNK. Sold as a set but price is right. On display with ChunLi are Vega(Bison) and Yuri Sakazaki (I finally got a Yuri collectable!! Now if I can find XiangFei or King ) Getting rare


Capcom gals mini figures

Chun Li

An old one. Anyway this batch contains 2 CL, 2 June and 2 Morrigan. 


Capcom gals collection 1

Zero CL

A six piece set. Contains CL, Cammy, Morrigan(sold), June(sold), Akira(mine!) and Ingrid. 


Capcom Gals : Sumer Collection – CL

this pretty piece comes from a vending machine. On my first try I got Elena and CL came on the second try. The full set of 6 is made up of CL, Elena, Sakura, Cammy, Juli and Juni (sold S,C, J & J).


Capcom gals collection 2

Got the Capcom gals collection from a local toy convention. the set also contains Sakura, Lilith,  Elle, Juli and Ibuki (Juli remains). 

Yamato Toys

Capcom Figure Collection – Chun Li series aka the Triplets

So far I’d seen 3 alternate colour for CL (A-black, B-yellow and C-pink) and 1 alternate colour for Cammy (white). Cammy also has three poses.    

Swapped their stands with doll stands becuase they’re original stands tend to put too much weight on their legs and run the risk of warping them. Rather neat looking triptych. Certains shops have them in sets and individual pieces.    

Also seen the second series colours (A-light pink, B-purple and C-dark green) of CLs but didn’t buy them.

Capcom VS SNK DX – Chun Li

Usually I don’t buy statues because of low playablibty and high price. But this one found at Turf City’s Flea market 2 (never knew the market was there) was a real cool bargain.  

Haven’t seen this CL and Mai and their alternative(orange and black) colours in the shops I frequent   

The Udon SF CL bust resembles her minus a lower body and slight differences in arm posture, hair and facial feature.

CL sparring with Ryu


Street Fighter 15th Anniversary DX figure – Black CL & Pink CL aka the Twins

I know I said I don’t do statues. But Sexy Black (Her eyes are larger) and Pretty-In-Pink (sweet looking isn’t she?) caught my heart the first time I saw them. And I also have this thing about CL in different colour cheongsam. (Blame The SIMs)   

Somewhat similar in size to the CVS CL statue, feels like a Barbie I owned back in the mid 80s but unposable. Times like this I kinda wish that they did a Ryu in Tuxedo or Yukata or something other than his gi. Had to request my supplier to bring them in (Thank you) 

Yamato Toys

Capcom Gals Collection

Chun Li

Whoops got me a statue again. I forgot I’m not suppose to collect statues. But I cannot resist her ^_^’ Its a tough choice between blue and pink since they both have same posture. Blue won because its my fave colour. Size is similiar to RCL 3 and 4   

She is part of the Street Fighter 15th anniversary line. The 1/1 scale model might be an exclusive order or something.