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 Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online


Q-Ryu and Q-CL

One of my first collectibles. I used to pop them on the back of my pencil as I did my homework. Can’t remember how I got them

Really old yet kinda new looking RCL

Because I bought it ten years later at a Clark Quay shop(became my wonderful supplier) which i visited over 10 times and never saw the set until April 2003.


This Ryu is kinda old and all I can say is that I had a Ken but sold him off.

Super SF turbo?

Too many years have pass I can’t remember where I got them from. Either from a school book store or a comic store   

Pink CL comes from a trip to Clark Quay’s Sunday Flea Market

Metal Ryu and Transparent CL

Mini Metal Ryu from 3rd Strike normal issue 1 while Ken comes from issue 3  

Transparent CL is part of special issue 70 of SF3 comic. (There was a rubber Ryu and Gouki but didn’t get Ryu, don’t scream. My money was limited ) 

The other metal Ryu

The other small Metal Ryu is from the Hong Kong Capcom vs SNK comics. He’s part of a metal statue thingy that feature Ryu vs Iori. Iori at home somewhere. Comes with special edition of CVS issue 3

Coin Bank Ryu

My Dad got me this coin bank of Ryu(while he kept Ken). There is a Gouki coin bank out there but no CL. 

CVS comic Ryu bust

Ryu’s bust is suppose to be from CVS Waizhaun’s special edition issue 1.  

There is also Iori from issue 2, Kyo from issue 3 and Ken from issue 4. Got mine from clearance sale though. Some comic stores may still have him or the others.  

No I didn’t get the coloured versions And no. I don’t have that pretty CL bust which is from a different line. 

Bandai Street Fighter Zero 2 – Blue Ryu

This old guy was found on my first trip to Clark Quay’s Sunday Market.   

Not sure if there’s a CL for this set

 Street Fighter 15th anniversary – RCL

This pair is part of the SF 15th aniversary figurines. Vega flying? Completed the Quartet as Ken and Guile join the team. 

Capcom vs SNK 

Ryu and CL


This is suppose to be from the old Capcom vs SNK set that came out in 2000. Found this 4 years later at good old Comics Connection store when they imported it. Set also contains Kyo and Nakaruru


Street Fighter Heroes Busts – Player 2 Ryu and Player 2 CL, Player 1 Ryu and Makoto

Round 1’s set contains Ryu, CL, Honda, Balrog(Vega), Makoto and Gouki. Hidden figure is Vega(Bison). Size is comparable to Resaurous’ CL. Quite possibly the only piece of Makoto anything. Again sets and individual pieces.  

In getting player 2 Ryu I failed the test of colours but Player 2 Ryu is SNH Ryu as he’s got them red eyes