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 Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online


Capcom Beach gals – Chun Li


The 1st of the trio that crushed me with shipping fees. this really only piece is part of a beach diorama that also contains Morrigan, Lillith, Sakura and Cammy. 2 colors each. 

I wouldn’t had shipped via detour if all three weren’t on sale from the same place since the other store ran out of stocks. And you notice I only have half a Ryu T_T

Capcom Bagged Figure – Chun Li


Its a bit ridculous that the trio traveled in such a big box. The 2nd piece that had me grumbling no end. She’s cute and all. full team contains Hinata, Tron, Sakura, Bulleta and Lililth as well. Three colors each.

Capcom Cheerleader gals – Chun Li


This set also contains Cammy, Sakura and Hinata. 2 colors each. 

A plug for the store in question even though I said I wouldn’t. Anime USA

Capcom Fighting Jam Magstage Figures Tomytech
From the Capcom Fighting Jam series. Unable to find Ryu. Also have Sakura, Ingird, Dimitri and Leo

Shadoloo Badge

Found this in a Mandrake Shop in Osaka. There is a ‘gold’ version as well a version release by Capcom for the Tokyo Game Show.