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Highdream Capcom vs SNK

Ryu-10. SDCC CL-10 and Mai

Ryu seems edgier than SOTA Ryu. Ken, Kyo and Iori are out on wave 1. Wave 2 is CL, Mai, Gouki and Haohmaru.  

This crew are all measured at 7 inch 

Didn’t want Mai but the 2 pack was at a reasonable going rate when cost was calculated so. I ended up with Mai. Always wanted to add  THE GREAT HAOHMARU to the team. 

The crew’s photo album with a bit of SOTA thrown in for comparison

Jazware Street Fighter – Ryu-11

The most unique Ryu of the lot. Him being green in colour stands out from the sea of not-so-white Ryus.This guy is mainly display in side profile mode until CL arrives. So far there ‘s a Ken and Akuma from the wave 1 of this series

SOTA Rotocast 

Ryu – 12 and Roto BRE (Burning Red Eyes aka SnH Ryu)

Standing at 9.5 inch. I don’t like the fact that he’s permanently hunch, his elbows are at fixed angles. But having removable gi is good for dressing him up in other dolls clothing. All I need now is a companion CL piece 

Height of Ryus 

Height of CLs

Bricky Ryu, CL, Vega and Gouki

Art Asylum


Slightly shorter than the HK bricky Ryu and Kubrick CL. Cute neh


High Dream Capcom vs SNK 12 inch series

Even though he comes across as scrawny looking I still love his face. He also has a set of green gi 

Full set also contains Ken and Iori. Funny thing is that locally Ryu is the only one not avaiable. (Highdream seems to have canceled the whole 12" CL thingy) 

Breaking my aversion to online purchases Ryu here is gotten online from the good folks of Lone Star Comics  

The Serious looking Ryu aka The Serious One is too be blame for igniting the Obitsu hunt.(also because the Mamachapp and Marmit ChunLis are very expensive and who knows when the CVS Chunny would be release if ever). And two months later, his companion piece Obitsu Chun Li (can’t figure out the puffy sleeves. so ended up with this). This Ryu has gotten a Volks Neo Guy Body because his original suffered from loose joints

Ryu-15 and Chun Li 15

Revoltech Street Fighter

My, What big hands you have."

"The better to lay some smack down on."

Revoltech Street Fighter series is based on the is bsed on Street Fighter Online the PC game. Ken, Guile and Zangief are the known SFers coming out in this format

Chun Li 16

Medicom RAH  Chun Li

I am a little disappointed with the Medicom Rah Chun Li. Considering the price she goes for before discount, she doesn’t have grip hands, no proper feet (weird screwed on boots).

I like to have some kind of feet (like a BBI Perfect body/ Cygirl) since it would go well when redressing her as undercover cop Chun Li, biker chick Chun Li or wear heels and party in a qipao Chun Li. My whiney review and comparison shots to some other bodies

Get her only if you reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want her or you’re a big Chun Li fan and can’t find the Mamachapp Chun Li

Chun Li 17

Neca Ryu17 and Chun Li17

Ryu19 and Chun Li 19

Playarts Kai Ryu19 and Chun -Li19

From the Square Enix Playarts Kai series of Street Fighter. for once Chun Li looks cute. 

Do be careful when you’re fiddling around with them. Their legs sometimes pop off the joint but as long as nothing is broken you can pop them back in.

Spinning Bird Kick!


Special Custom


  Customised Obitsu Chun Li

Team of Dolls’ blog

Obi-Chun is a a 2part soft bust Obitsu body with a W01 prepainted head (PH2 / PA2) and rerooted hair. In a certain sense she’s simliar to the Mamachap Chun Li (SF2 / SFZero) as they use the same Obitsu line(different series) body from the same company. I wasn’t able to get a Mamachapp Chun Li (SF blue – pink / SFZero blue – pink – purple) and ended up customising an Obitsu.

She can wear the Azone blue /pink (or HLJ or note part number) Chun Li costume but Obi-Chun got the whole ‘I’m a customised Chun Li and you have to make me a costume’ vibe going on. Her bracelets came from CVS Chun Li but you can get a pair from Azone too.

And because I treat my action figures like dolls and my dolls like action figures. I’m not willing to cut her hair shorter. she’s cuter this way. You can get one from Junkyspot (US) or Parabox (Japan)


  Customised Obitsu-Parabox Chun Li

Team of Dolls’ blog
Megu-Chun is an 50cm Obitsu + Parabox Megu head based customised Chun Li doll.  Yeah, I made her clothes and did her faceup.

If anything these dolls allow you to change out their eyes and wigs.

You can get a basic blank doll from Junkyspot (US) or Parabox (Japan) or any other doll companies depending on your choice of face sculpt and body.

She’s one of 4 or 5 large size dolls (1/4 and 1/3) who are either cosplaying or customised to be Street Fighters (to date I seen a Ken, Chun Li and Vega/Balrog).

And Mai Shiranui was made into a Volks Dollfie Dream