Childhood Backstory

Closing ChapterNote – Although this is the closing chapter. It does not mean that childhood backstory(CHBS) is made of only four chapters. It has more than that between the last written chapter and this closing chapter(unless I say otherwise) Its just that for backstories the ideas don’t come to me in chronological order. They just come. I also can’t say how many chapters there would be since backstories are a bunch of loose chapters which I too lazy to make into a series. And that, as they say, is that. 


Shotoken Dojo, Japan 

Spring 1975 

It had been almost an entire year since ChunLi was dropped off here. Gouken can’t help but wonder what was taking the child’s father so long to send someone to pick her up. Could something have cause such a delay? Of course he would have heard if something were to happen since that man would never leave anything to chance. 

A nagging feeling kept drawing his attention to the path that leads up to the dojo, for reasons beyond him, he had made sure that the back route down the mountain was usable and he knows that Ryu is aware of that route. Gouken had saw to reminding the boy of it this morning once again for that matter. The fact that he’s out here sweeping when there is nothing to sweep makes him uneasy. 

The sounds of boots hiking up the trail drew him out of his train of thoughts, not many people come here so early in the season. And there he was, a lone man about Gouken’s height dressed in hiking gear, red checked shirt tuck neatly into his dark pants, the hem of his pants tucked into his boots. His hair is neatly gelled but two small locks manage to escape and spill over the middle of his forehead. A neatly trim mustache above his upper lip. 

Gouken found it uncanny that if the man was to shave, build up in bulk, wear a military uniform and be more sinister. He would have be a dead ringer for someone he knew, someone who is terribly late. Gouken thought to probe for what he knew to be a sense of malevolent qi but all he found was a sense of quiet and calm. This he found to be very disturbing, as disturbing as the dark brown eyes that watches him silently. 


"Not easy isn’t it? Old friend." The stranger smiled. A smile that showed teeth, an unmistakable smile that was kind of sinister. So sinister that it confirms his identity. With that the smile disappear as the stranger stood an arm’s length away taking in Gouken’s uneasiness. 

"What did you do to yourself?!" Gouken had to ask 

"Nothing more than a little trick." Even his voice had change from his earlier deeper tone. To a voice that is slightly gentler, one that suits the face that had spoken it. But to Gouken who knew this man, that is very disturbing. 

"You used to look bulkier." Gouken found his voice. 

"I lost some paddings and body armor." He shrugged 

"Well? Aren’t you going to invite me inside? Or are you afraid that I might torch the place down?" 

"Does she knows about this?" Gouken said as he ushered him inside and pour him some tea. 

"She does, since she plays a big part in this. How is she getting on?" 

"She is doing quite well." 

"The boy?" 

"He is well too. He is quite attached to her" 

"Good then I don’t have to worry about that." 

"Why do you want to do this?" Gouken tried to talk some sense into the man 

"Because Sho thinks you are too gentle. The only thing you’re good for is his training." 

"But using your child like this? There must be another way" 

The man in red rummages through his pocket and takes out a neatly folded piece of paper which he unfolds and hold it in front of Gouken. Upon his recognition of what was written, wispy blue qi flows from the man’s hand and onto to the paper engulfing it with ghostly flames allowing the breeze to carry away the ashes. 

"That is the main cause. Sho paid his price but his boy still remains as his stake. My insurance is my heir. You worry too much." He glared at Gouken 

"When that day comes and the boy fails in what is needed to be done. I will personally wring your neck before Sho wrings mine. Train the boy well." He added. 

Gouken kept silent he knew full well that the stakes for the children’s’ parents are higher than that of others. Yet somehow they managed to convinced him to help them and they had made it impossible for him to back out of his part of the bargain. 



A young voice squealed, helping to break the uncomfortable silence. The young girl rushes over to her father while her companion merely stood at the doorway glaring at the man in red. He turned to the boy and smile, somewhat amused by the boy’s behavior. 

"Daddy. Why aren’t you in your uniform?" she eyed the snacks her father had brought for her. In her mind she was coming up with excuses to stay a while longer with her friend. 

"I’m reassigned to Hong Kong. We have to go." He ruffled his daughter’s hair and at the same time keeping one eye on the glaring boy. ChunLi rushes over to Ryu in an attempt to drag the stubborn boy nearer but he kept his ground. Her father stood up and Ryu step in front of ChunLi maintaining his glare on the older man. 

"Can Ryu gor come too?" ChunLi asked peeking out from behind her companion 

"No, dear one. We have interrupted his training long enough. 

"But Daddy!! I want him to come along!!" 

"Dear one, you have your own training to do as well. You do want to be as strong as Ryu. Don’t you?" 

"Yeah… but.." 

"You can always write. And when you are strong enough. We will return and you can kick his butt." 

"That I will!!!" 

"Yes. Then go pack your bags." 

"Now?" she look at her father in a pleading manner as if in hope that he would change his mind. 

"Yes. Now. Otherwise the ferry will leave without us." 

"Alright…." ChunLi headed off to her room. 

The moment ChunLi was out of the room Ryu rushes towards her father and throws a straight punch at the man. Easily the man caught boy’s fist in his hand. 

"Ryu no!! Don’t hurt the boy! V–" Gouken was cut off by a gesture for silence from the man in red. 

"The boy sensed who I truly am." His grin became wider. 

"Attack me if you dare. I will crush you." he laughs as the boy struggles to break free. Squatting down he faces the boy eye to eye. Smiling in satisfaction at the boy’s fighting spirit. 

"Worry for yourself boy. Train hard and become stronger then you will be a worthy challenge for me. MWAHAHAHA!" With his free hand he ruffles Ryu’s hair. 

He releases the boy and with a slight touch of his qi pushes him, causing young Ryu to stagger a few steps back but not fall. Amused by the boy’s strong will he laughs once more. 

"He’s a strong one, Gouken. Train him well." He then headed outside to wait for ChunLi. 


When ChunLi joined them she gave Ryu all the snacks that her father had brought for her thinking that the silent boy was upset with her for having to leave so soon. 

"I’ll be back to fight you! You will be stronger the next time we meet? Or do you prefer to have your butt kicked by the strongest woman in the world?" Giving him a quick hug she rushes over to her father. 

Ryu watches as the horrible man in red picks ChunLi up and places her on his shoulder. She turns back to wave goodbye and all he could do was offer a weak smile. His clenched fists shook by his side as he watches them disappear down the path.