Shotoken Dojo, Japan 

Spring of 1974 


Young Ryu had finally finish chopping the pile of wood that Gouken Sensei had instructed him to. He headed across the courtyard for the well. Watching the hill path as he draws water from the well. 

Curiosity fills him as he saw a crown of silver-white hair bobbing up and down. Almost at once he recognised that head of silver hair. His favourite storyteller had come around again. His thirst had already being forgotten as young Ryu rushes towards the visitor. 


"ZANNAH JIE!!!!!" he called out. 

"Ah Baby dragon, good to see you too." Zannah called back. Suddenly Ryu stopped when he saw the tall warrior woman. He had noticed a small figure curled up within the tall Warrior lady’s arms. By now Gouken had left the hut to see what had attracted Ryu’s attention. 


"Ah Zannah, you have return." Gouken greeted her. 

"This is afterall my little retreat. Gouken-san." 

"Zannah Jie…" Ryu tugged her shirt. 

"Who’s that?" he asked pointing at the figure in her arms 

"Oh how forgetful of me." she said 

"Xiu gong ju. hei seng ge lah. Ngo dey dou lah.(Wake up Little Princess. We have arrive.)" 

"Dou lah?(Already?)" A little voice said. A girl about six years of age slid out of Zannah’s arms. The young girl remain close to Zannah even though her eyes betray her wish to explore the surrounding woods. 

"ChunLi… this is Gouken Sensei." 

"….Hajime…mas…shite…" ChunLi pronnounced carefully. 

"I see you thought her Japanese as well." 

"I had to. considering who she is. Little one this here is Ryu." 

As the children look into each others’ eyes. there was a hint of recognition. 

"The little dragon boy/girl!" the children said at the same time. 

Gouken had a slightly puzzled look on his face. 

"Young Ones. How could you be so sure? That was only a story I’ve created for the both of you." 

"Zannah Jie….Your description matched!" ChunLi said, refusing to believe the story was fictional. 

"Okay okay. You win. Now Ryu take ChunLi to explore the woods and take care of her okay." Zannah said with mock resignation 

"Yes! I will take care of ChunLi mei mei(little sister) with my life!" Ryu answered with seriousness that seems beyond his age. With that the two ran off in with ChunLi deciding where she wants to go. 

"I see. Soon she will run his life." Gouken commented 

"I hope so." 

"So what really brings you here?" 

"Vega(M Bison) wants Chunli out of Shadowlaw for a while. It’s the whole Regicide thing. You know how Shadowlaw is nearing the turnover of a new ruler." Zannah said with a shrug. 

"Ah I see. Then how are Sho and Miyuki doing?" 

"Better than I had hope. Sho had only came out of his coma. The two ShadowWarriors who replaced Geotao are taking care of them." 

"Ah…then Geotao?" 

"Not too good. The Seiryoku zapped most of her strength. she will recover but not so soon. Sho would not be in this mess if he had not listen to Gouki. So did Ryu asked about his parents?" 

"Not yet. But seeing him now, I believe he would not be that curious so soon." 

"Well at least the present Ten Grand Masters knew nothing of Sho’s present condition. Let’s hope he can get out of it soon." 

"Well I’ll be leaving now. Vega would send somebody to pick ChunLi up. When the time is right." 

"Won’t the children miss you?" 

"I doubt they’ll noticed I’m gone." 

"Well they seem to be getting along fine." 

"It’s a good sign is it not? Sayonara Gouken. I have my own wars to fight. I will return again. Thank you for taking care of the children." Zannah bowed, she turned to leave after leaving ChunLi’s bag to Gouken. 

"May luck be with you. I hope you find the one you seek." Gouken called to Zannah as she descended the hill.