The Wai Zhuan (side story) are side stories/gaiden that are not related to the main CVS man hua. Sort of a one shot that received a mini-series   

Book 1 pits Guile and Benimaru   

Book 2 pits Balrog (Mr Claws) and Ryo Sakazaki   

Book 3 pits Satsui no Hadou Ryu, Iori and Gouki   

Book 4 pits ChunLi with Mai Shiranui (Go Chunny Whunny!)   

Book 5 pits Sagat against Kyo Kusanagi  


Basic information   

If anything. Ryu and CL does have a relationship.   

Book 1: Guile vs Benimaru   

– It all started when Benimaru’s girlfriend (I assume) was found dead of drug overdose on the streets of Tokyo. Beni found evidence that points to Shadowlaw.   

– Gets into a big fight with Bison (boxer) since Beni believe that he has a hand in Anya’s death. But Kyo came by and stop the fight.   

– Later at Anya’s grave, Beni blames himself for letting her go astray. Kyo gave him information in regards to Shadowlaw and Beni heads off to bring down the organisation   

– At Vega’s not so secret base. Charlie Nash makes a cameo as he tries to escape. But in the end Sagat killed him (everybody blames Vega for convenience sake)   

– And Guile who is heading to the base gets bad feeling that something happen to Nash   

– And as Beni’s luck goes. he was there when some soldiers dump Nash’s body. Which led Guile to think Beni killed him and a fight begins. A rather long and intense fight later Guile stops as he discover that Beni is not the one who killed Nash   

– Sagat appears ordered by Lord Vega to get rid of them. Guile and Beni work together agaisnt Sagat   

– And because Vega lost interest in watching the fight, and the fact the he worries that such a battle might entice Kyo Kusanagi ( spectator) to join the fight which would destroy his base in the process. So he ends the fight by blasting the duo off his ship   

– So they part ways and promise to give each other a good fight the next time they meet.   

Book 2: Balrog vs Ryo Sakazaki   

– We start with Balrog on vacation, getting a tattoo and going on his training. All the while he cannot forget his late sister   

– He boss sends him a message to head off to Japan to capture a certain rich somebody by the name of Robert Garcia (dead or alive)   

– While in Japan. When Yuri, Takuma and Robert returns from vacation, they found the dojo is in shambles and is greatly vandalised. Ryo just sitting in the untouch main hall staring at a challenge letter   

– Ryo seems to have forgotten about King, who felt rather embarrassed and left. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was head and a truck nearly knocked her down if Balrog didn’t take her out of the way.   

– And so they make small talk. Balrog found that King resembles his sister   

– Ryo in the middle of a gang fight which he took care of.   

– Yuri hanging out with Robert. Gone out cruising. Attacked by Balrog and Robert got ccaptured. Shadowlaw sends Robert’s dad a ransom note   

– And back at the dojo King reveals that she had met Balrog before and Ryo wonders if she could contact him   

– And Balrog does shows up. Ryo just had to start a fight with Mr Claws. Very intense fighting. King show concern for Balrog (mere acquaintance). And Ryo (The other Mr ‘the fight is all’) get jealous and starts fighting with rage   

– Ryo notices that Balrog is stronger than him. but comes back stronger as he beleives that he can’t die yet as he still have much stuff left to do   

– And before he could kill Balrog. King jumps in to stop him   

– And Balrog agrees to return Robert on one condition. Is that King accompanies him for a night!   

– Where they hung out the beach. All because Balrog sees his late sister in King. Spend most of their time talking about his sister and even advice her on Ryo   

– Although King never told Ryo what had happen. she also notices that Ryo had started to pay her some attention. all thanks to Balrog   

Book 3: Sastui no Hadou Ryu vs Iori vs Gouki   

– Some school in Hokkaido Japan. Ryu thinking back about his past, of how he met a non-fighter friend and how one day in demonstration he unleash a hadoken on a tree which fell upon his friend and killed him. the incident huants him much   

– At the same time a nuclear missle heads his way courtesy of Vega. As if he can stop the thing. Explosion, people die, Ryu blames himself. A little bit too much guilt and too much anger later, Ryu snaps and becomes Satsui no Hadou Ryu (SnH Ryu)   

– And stalks his way over the country to looks for Vega (nervous, nervous) and kill him. Nothing can stop him. All those who do shall die.   

– Every single rightous warrior show up (CL not there, don’t ask why not). At first they try to advice him to stop. SnH Ryu cares not and stalks on. the first guy to try gets a devasting blow. Not the combine might of the Bogard brothers could stop him, not anybody it seems. While Ken looks for Gouki beleiving he’s the only one that can stop Ryu.   

– Iori shows up attracted by the scent of a worthy opponent, but did nothing other than to follow him. Until Kyo shows up in an attempt to stop Ryu. but fails to. So Iori finally picks a fight with Ryu and enters a riot of the blood   

– Gouki shows up stops Vega from blasting SnH Ryu to bits and joins in the mindless yet intense three way fight while Vega watches   

– One major qi explosion and the trio vanishes.   

Book 4: ChunLi vs Mai Shiranui   

– Starts with CL stealing some important top secret documents. CL manages to escape from the cops but one person remains on her tail. The real CL appears! The fake CL turns out to be Mai.   

– Mai had her reasons for doing this. Geese made her do it. As Yuri had being captured (again?)   

– CL gets into a fight with Mai, beating her handily. And so CL goes to rescue Yuri instead   

– At Geese’s building CL shows up letting them think she’s Mai. But of course Geese knows the truth as Billy had seen the fight and taken Mai as another hostage   

– As if its so easy to take CL down. Billy lost a fight to CL and freed Mai in the process. CL and Mai work together against Geese.   

– Fight, fight, fight. CL gets bash and was sent flying out the top floor window. After which Mai and Geese both follow   

– Now they all fight on water surf board style and on whatever debris they can get a foothold on.   

– The fight gets more and more instense as Geese finds it hard to fend off two quick ladies. And in the end of it all he lost   

– The two ladies now have to deal with getting back to shore on a huge wave. spirit of late surf instructer got them to put aside their differences   

– With that all done and Mai left with Yuri. CL makes her way to the Shotoken dojo to find Ryu. Sagat seeks him as well. Even though he knows Ryu could not be here.   

– So CL disclose something Ryu once told her   

– That a battle with Gouki and Iori could cause a major qi explosion and lock the three of them up in another dimension   

– And since Ryu know that something like that would happen. He research for a way to break out it   

– And that is to get another fighter of the same qi magnitude as Ryu to bring Ryu back. Sagat seems to think that Kyo might be of that qi level and heads off to find him   

– CL watches Sagat leaves, hoping that Sagat would succeed and bring Ryu back.   


Book 5:    

– Sagat forces Kyo Kunsanagi into a fight hoping to bring Ryu back from that alternate plane 

– It actually works when one of the trio returned  

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