4 89189 266 8

4-89189-266-8Title: Street Fighter 2 comic  
ISBN #: 4-89189-266-8
Author: (Anthology)   
Publisher: Bandai   
Label: B-Club Comics   
Release Date: 10 September 1992   
Price: 980 yen Iwa says –Found this old book in a 2nd hand store in Japan.<3. I know of its existance from Comic weekly but I owns it now. anyway. Rummage through 2nd hand book stores if you ever go to Japan
10 short stories , 1 section of Yon-koma.2 pages of colored illustrations, 13 pages of notes and drawings. And that 1/8 Bandai Chun Li kit. If it isn’t obvious enough this is pretty much Chun Li’s book
A few Ryu vs Chun Li stories, One Chun Li in-training story
– A Chun Li story of her so called world tour fight now heading to Japan to fight Ryu after defeating Ken.
– Chun Li resorting to tricks to bribe Ryu and Balrog (Claws) and have them kill each other (so that she has two less people to fight). So yeah there was a reason to be that nice and sweet to Ryu *lol*
– And another whereby Chun Li resort to tricks in a fight against Ryu
– Police case! The tale of the underwear thief
– Death of her father, Chun Li heads off for training (Sensei resmebles Master Roshi somewhat) and the qipao is a gift