imageTitle: Street Fighter ZERO Comic    
ISBN #: 4-7561-1185-8    
Author: (Anthology)    
Publisher: ASCII    
Label: ASCII COMIX    
Release Date: 22 November 1995    
Price: 880 yenDash Taisen – This Street Fighter ZERO anthology manga features 3 short-story manga, 3 sections of yon-koma manga, an all-text “Street Fighter ZERO Q&A” article, a full-color Street Fighter ZERO Chara guide/relationship chart, a Street Fighter timeline (does not include events depicted in games released after Street Fighter ZERO), and a report (with full-color photos) of Capcom Summer Festival ’95Iwa says – The main story follows Ryu around after the fight he had with Sagat. Of which Ryu joined up with Ken, CL and Guy and eventually fight Vega (Bison) While a few pieces of yon koma manga could be found in some of the other yon koma books.