Article 1

 Southtown daily  


Famous movie star Fei Long was taken into police custody for the investigation of a bar brawl in exclusive fighters’ only drinking club.  

It was reported that star of the box office smash hit Raging Dragon 4 – Dojo Raider had started a fight with illustrious World Warrior Ryu Hoshi. Sources said that the movie star had approached the warrior, picked up a barstool and smash it over the warrior’s head.  

The angry star was said to have left celebrations for the success of Raging Dragon 4 in an alcohol induced rage and made his way across town to the scene of the incident.  

The feud was reported to have started with the actor’s continued harassment of Ryu Hoshi’s wife – Fellow World Warrior ChunLi. Who was once a dojo mate of the movie star. The downed warrior could have being badly injured had his wife not defended him from the following blows and retaliated against the attack.  

It took a few warriors to restraint the raging movie star from doing further damage. And an even greater amount of warriors to prevent the enraged Wushu mistress from maiming the offending movie star.  

Police had taken Fei Long into custody for further investigations while Ryu Hoshi was checked into hospital for treatment.