Ryu-8 aka Mr Articulation 
aka the-oldest-Ryu-I-ever-known
10 years. It took me a decade to find him ever since I saw his pic on the HK SF2 comic ads (1993). Boss of Saint James told me he had Ryu up on display for 4 years.    If anything Arti-Ryu has about 20 points of articulation. Boss said no sign of Ken or Guile or even CL anywhere. This one is so old that I never even dare to hope that any shop would be able to import him to this shore. 

Ryu-1 and ChunLi-1 
and gang
They are sort of from the GI Joe line. There was a SF movie version but I didn’t get that one. In every sense of the word these two are my first RCL action figures. I broke Balrog(Vega), lost Bison(Balrog) and stuffed Sagat in some box. And I don’t have the big GI Joe Ryu or the movie version though
Xmen vs Street fighter
Ryu-2 and ChunLi-2
I bought Ryu first and ChunLi when she was released 6 months later. Eventually added Vega (Bison) but not Ken? This CL looks kinda fragile and I was always afraid that I might accidentally break her.   
I lost Magneto, Juggernaut and didn’t buy Cyclops(out of package ditto Vega)    This pair was my fanfic muses but now they earned a nice bit of retirement.  Ryu had a run-in with a red marker (don’t ask)

Street Fighter
Ryu-3 and ChunLi-3
As usual I got Ryu first and CL about 6 months later when she was released.  As for the 2p and Evil Ryu version(looks like recoloured 1p) I didn’t get them. (Even though Ryu is suppose to be a Zero Ryu. He looks more like a regular adult Ryu. Which explains the run in with the red marker)    
I also have a recoloured red cheongsam/silver linings 2p CL (don’t ask).  
This pair is also my models for some of the pics I drew.

Ryu-4 and ChunLi-4
They are the 10 inch figures. This CL being the one who restart the sewing craze.    
Currently retired because CL 5 took over. Ryu had a run-in with a red marker (don’t ask)

ChunLi-5 and Ryu-5
The current pair who took over the sewing craze. The 12 inch ones    
I’m sure you might have seen what I made them wear in the line of fics or otherwise. This was supposed to have retired when I gotten CVS Ryu. But his Obitsu partner dragged them out of retirement and even went on to get them a body upgrade.
Ryu had a run-in with a red marker (don’t ask)

Street Fighter Jr
ChunLi-6 and Ryu-6
Hmm…. no. This pair has nothing to do with Childhood backstories…  yet.   
I sold off Ken and Gouki after a spring cleaning session. 

Sha Yi Long 
(aka Satsui no Hadou Ryu)
Or E-Ryu or SnH Ryu, majorly annoyed and pissed off Ryu. However you want to call him. This nifty looking guy is from the Hong Kong SFEX2 comics. There was SnH version of Ken who I didn’t get(sorry Ken). This guy lives on my comic rack.    He’s from the special edition of SFEX2 issue 38, SnH Ken being the other option. 

 Moby Dick Toys
ChunLi-7B and 7A 
Zero series CL and SF CL 
the other pair of Twins
These cute little ladies are from the Capcom Queens line. She is a dollgure(spelling?)   
There’s Morrigan, Cammy(Delta Red and Shadowloo) and Lei-Lei but I only wanted ChunLi. I don’t see a series with Ryu anywhere.   They came with a couple of changable hands and an extra head. So I left their happy face on 
HK brick Ryus and Kubrick CL
The bigger brick Ryu is part of the Capcom vs SNK toys that came with the comics in a set with Iori Yagami (lost him). Part of special edition of CVS issue 29 but mine is from a clearance sale 😛   
To get CL I have to send in some stamps to the HK company. Didn’t buy the books with the stamps, so no CL.  
the other sets are Ken and Benimaru, Vega(Bison) and Geese Howard.  The small bricky Ryus are a set that I got from Capcom Vs SNK Wai Zhuan vol 5   And Kubrick Chun Li. Gotten her at a lower price than the first time I saw her
SOTA crew
Wave 1 – Chun Li-9, Ryu-9, Vega/Bison, Sagat (behind Balrog)
Wave 2 – Ken, Blanka, Cammy, Balrog (behind BRE), T-Hawk
Wave 3 – Guile, Sakura, Gen, Adon, Bison/Balrog
Wave 4 – Gouki, Fei Long and Birdie
SDCC Exclusive – BRE, Shin Vega
Iwa’s repaint – Shin Chun Li
Iwa’s custom – Yuri Sakazaki
Effectively breaking the habit of collecting strictly Ryu and Chun Li.Much thanks to my fave shop and supplier for bringing SnH Ryu(aka Burnng Red Eyes aka BRE) and Shin Bison in.      

CL looks very much a sweet little girl while Ryu looks as if he has beady eyes. I still have not gotten used to their screaming heads. BRE still looks extremely gleeful for some strange reasons. Repainted an extra CL because I wanted to do a SnH CL for SnH Ryu. 

The Yuri custom was created from Sakura’s body. And that result in the by product Board Fighter 2 Iwa / Satsuki. Although I display her more as steath Cammy.

This is the only series that I ended up collecting beyond my fave chars. I didn’t get Wave 1’s Sodom and Wave 4’s Ibuki and Remy

Takara Microman Street Fighter
Chun Li-13
Bought from Dotcon 2005. Brought in by my fave shop of course.She comes with 6 extra pair of hands. And there’s a Sakura from this series. Numbered 13 because I forgot to number her when she came ^_^’