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History and Fun Facts About Street Fight Comic Book

Street Fight was designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. It made its first appearance in the game world in August 1987. The game, Street Fighter was one of the most popular in the ’90s and had evolved over the years. Lots of improvements had been recorded in different parts of the game as new characters are incorporated and old ones reviewed. Comic history from America recorded that Malibu comics, in 1993 worked on a run of Street Fighter II, which was written by Len Strazewski and Don Hillsman. Though it was not really too amazing contrary to the game fighting tournament, the Street Fighter manga they produced was about a character called M. Bison’s plan to take over the world. Though the work didn’t turn out well, Malibu released The Best of Street Fight II a year later. This was at a time where the game industry was being recognized as a serious player. When they saw how much sales these games were taking home along with the consoles being purchased, admitedly casinos and many other gaming businesses were worried. Thankfully, casinos made the transition to web based games which you can find here and saved the genre by getting with the times. Now you can play free video poker and many other titles just with a click.

Masaomi Kanzaki in 1993 created a three-volume Street Fighter II manga in Japan which turned out great especially the first two volumes. The Street Fighter manga was also about M. Bison but this time Bison organizes an animal fighting tournament where he is the reigning champion in an Island called SHAD. You can check out the Street Fighter manga by Masaomi Kanzaki.

Tokuma comics were responsible for the release of the Street Fighter mangas in the 90s but UDON has been working on the recent mangas. Some movies were also adopted from the Street Fighter II manga.

Four different Street Fighter mangas stories were also created by Masahiko Nakahira in the 90s. The first was in 1994 which is the Super Street Fighter II: Cammy. He also created the Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru and the Street Fighter III: Ryu Final in 1996, 1997 and 1999 respectively. Masahiko Nakahira also played a major role in the street fight development because his various manga characters and concepts found their way into the Street Fighter video games. The year 2000’s experienced the work of the SvC Chaos comic. UDON ‘s Street Fighter series came on board in 2003 with different Street Fighter manga series. Most of these characters over the years have also been adopted into the video games.

Street Fighter Developed As A Game: Origin and Evolution

Capcom in 1987 released its first video game, Street Fighter where the player plays as Ryu, a martial artist. Other series later followed in the Street Fighter series after the first release in 1987. Street Fighter was on NEC Avenue Turbo Grafx-CD console and was later part of the Capcom Classics Collection.

In 1991, the best-selling ultimate game, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was created and it served as a pacesetter for other one-on-one fighting games. Street Fighter II gave players the opportunity to choose from a variety of characters with different fighting moves. The success of Street Fighter II made it a multimedia franchise and sold over 14 million cartridges for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive. It was updated to Street Fighter II: Champion Edition then Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting followed by Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers ( which introduced four new characters). The Turbo was also made, which added the "super combos" and the new character Akuma. In 1994, Street Fighter II Turbo was part of the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and also in a PC version for Windows. Capcom released a compilation which included Super, Super Turbo, and also Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold with the title Street Fighter Zero. Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition was released in 2003.

The same trend of evolution was also observed with Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams (1995) followed by Alpha 2 and then Alpha 3 released in 1998. Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and Street Fighter EX followed the release of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

In 1996, Street Fighter EX was produced in a collaboration between Capcom and Arika. EX2 and EX3 also came to light. Over the years, Street Fighter IV and V were produced.

You Can Now Play Online Variations Of Street Fighter

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Who Are The Original Street Fighter Characters?

The original characters of the Street Fighter are:

  • Ryu

  • Balrog

  • Blanka

  • Cammy

  • Chin Li

  • Dee Jay

  • Dhalsim

  • E. Honda

  • Fei Long

  • Guile

  • Ken Masters

  • M. Bison

  • Sagat

  • Akuma

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