ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 1
SNK vs Capcom Chaos Section
If anything SVC Chaos is like a bonaza of fave chars on both sides. RCL, Mr Karate, Terry, Lord Vega(Bison), Geonitz(Geonitz is eeeevily hard to beat)
Can't help but feel that SVCC CL resemble 3rd Strike CL. Could it be the same artist drawing her?
Admittingly the pic here does not do the cover justice. Get the feeling that I may need a better scanner
 It is no big secret that Terry Bogard is one my fave fighters
 CL and various fighters teams up with Ryu and Kyo
 Even though that was suppose to be the toy coloumnist(?) drawn as Ryu. Its still is RCL. kinda cute ya.