ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 1
Capcom vs SNK Section
The Wai zhuan/ Gaiden. Is like a sidestory to CVS.
Memories...ladidadi da laaaa.... ahem. some of his memories before he goes into another bout of Satsui no Hadou
My fave SnH Ryu pic for this series. Now I know why I find BRE so familiar
Ryu with glasses and no gi..... Looks like Clark Kent or Kominobu Kogure of Slamdunk..... Compare this Ryu with SnH Ryu and see extremes
To find Ryu
39 issues later they get some form of interaction
Its not often that CL gets to beat up one of the four top guys(Ryu, Iori. Ken and Kyo this order)
 Otherwise she's Ryu bait arrgghh!