ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 2
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A 'Ryu look' that reminds me of the manga
Akira may look a lot like Ryu. But Pai is still Pai. Still could tell difference between CL and Pai. Whereas I almost mistook Akira for Ryu in a pic of a magazine
Redecorating? Don't really want to meet her anywhere when she's in this mood.
Love this shot. Another blink and you won't see it. Shades of Bruce Lee in this one.
The reason why I find him rather adorable and why CL used the words 'Teddy Bear' and 'My Warm Warrior' in my fic
Hmm... Ryu as a male nurse taking care CL? *snickers*
The shadows makes him look rather sinister. Freakily he looks like he's almost smiling
Eyebrows issue aside. she's just so gosh darn cute
My fave piece although I was unable to capture from my VCD as the leaves were moving to fast
Dash Taisen