ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 1
Miscellaneous Collectibles Section
  Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online
The pins that also went back a long way. These two I remember buying from my school bookshop.    
There's a T-hawk as well.
 The SF game
This old thing is unplayable by now. I think the mechanism within was damaged
 Ryu's headband, SNH Ryu's gi and belt, 
CL's bracelets, Ken's bracers
CL bracelets are from the 2 different CL special covers for SFZ3 issue 4. One bracelet has a smiling CL icon and the other is a surprised CL   
Ryu's headband is from SF3 special edition issue 70     
SNH Ryu's gi and belt is from SF3 special edition 109 
All I need are CL hair buns and her cheongsam to complete this collection *LOL* ^_^' 
I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Ryu bracers. 3 chances at that, SF3 special issue 69, the right Ryu(left Ken) glove of special issue 52 and a CVS special issue 6  ^_^'
 The Rubic cube
From special issue 99 SF3 comic. Due to clusmy hands this little cube was ripped apart....  
Comes in 5 styles Ryu, Ken, Alex, Gouki and Sean. Naturally I picked Ryu. The SNH Ryu pic similar to the metal plate pic takes up 1 side of the cube.
Metal plate of SF3
Metal plate thingy accompanying rubic cube from issue 99 of SF3. I hammered a hole in it so I could hang it on my backpack. (I can hear collectors screaming for my blood.)
 Street Fighter EX plastic card thingy
A plastic card thingy of CL that I got from the first issue of SFEX
Mousepads 1 of 4 designs from SF3 special edition issue 19. Naturally chose Ryu design.  
The Quartet(RCGK) mousepad from normal edition of CVS issue 8. Pick Capcom team over SNK because there's RCL in this one *LOL*  
The Ryu vs Kyo mousepad was bought from a clearance sale
The Sean vcd is of some convention in HK. The disc comes from SF3's special edition issue34 
The Ken vcd is on the making of the SF3 comic and from special edition of issue 1 SF3. 
The Gouki disc is Who wants to be a Millionaire (Street Fighter style). Never played it as its not competable with my PC. Highscorers win a huge limited Ryu statue. Can't remember whether its was from CVS or the Bioharzad/SF Xover 
CVS Ryu cup
Pick Ryu cup over Iori. This is the less grubby looking side. What do you expect after so many years of Coffee and Milo? Possibly switch to a CL cup if I can find one. Hotprinting a pic on the cup defeats purpose. From special edition of CVS issue 12. Although mine comes from a clearance sale. Sometimes I have to be a vulture
 Cutout CL and Cutout Ryu
Cut-outs from the Capcom vs SNK series normal issue 27. Naturally chose RCL over Ken and Gouki. 
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