ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 2
Web Pictures Section
Much Thanks to Dan for sending in these pics.
*Thanks Dan. 
Thanks Dan
*Thanks Dan 
Some beautiful pics from the Capcom site. Dug through lots of Japanese text 
Capcom Site
This one is a fave. I think I might print this on a T-shirt. Oh wait I did 
Capcom Site
One more time. Side profile!!! 
Capcom Site
 Drawn by Akiman aka CL's artist. Seems like Ryu's gotten a new pair of bracers.
Akiman's site 
Ryu is just so gosh darn cute. Its the eyes and that rather soft smile
Original Site
 thank you Haruka and Setsuna for having this pic and thereby ending a search which bug me for years. Thank you
Sailor Pluto's Hangout
 A rather beautiful pic that inspired me to draw my front view kneeling version in gallery 2
Original Site