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Much thanks to Troy and Victor for sending these pics in
These 7 pics were taken from a Japanese Web site. 
Last known URL
Was not able to find the pics there after the site got renovated. I think Night has the orignal version of the pic 
This one is my fave. 
This too
Each time I hear the song Gambaerreh!! by Sash! A sparring session between RCL comes to mind 
And of course there are a few more which is at Night's site. 
*Thanks Troy. And this piece is done by Akiman - CL's creator 
Thanks Troy
*Thanks Victor 
Thanks Victor
If you are the artist of this pic. Please email me. I have to ask you something. 
Seeking artist of pic
One Pic to find them, One Pic to bring them all and to RCL bind them. In other words most(dare I say all?) RCL fans have this pic 
Thank you
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