ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 3
Miscellaneous Stuff Section
And issue of Gamest magazine
a fanart i found within the book
An ad also from the book
And that's the first thing I said when I got the game for Dreamcast. Whoo!!! She's back!
There's a sticker book version of this pic as well
These fists. Its one of those pics that seems to make references to these fists
How often do you see this kind of RCL pic in an official Capcom illustration book?
Ranked at number 3 in a videogame guys book. I don't have the gals book
Quite sad that I don't know enough Japanese to read the novels
And that I don't know how to get someone to translate my copies. I have seperation anxiety it seems
For some reason he looks a bit like Rukawa of Slamdunk