ChunLi and Ryu Gallery 1
Miscellaneous Stuff Section
The book.Thank goodness for old photos. Actual size
The poster from an A-Club anime magazine way back then. there was an article on SF comics. I don't even know how I lost the book
The other page
One of two old Jigsaw puzzle. This is the pic from the box. The restored version
The other jigsaw puzzle. Unrestored box pic
An ad from issue 71. All wrapped up and waiting for CL. heh heh.
Fanart from the old SF series. I got a lot more faves but never got around to scanning them.
A pic drawn by a Capcom artist for the HK comic fellas. CL is said to be modeled after the artist's wife.
An old game which comes from either the old Sega or Nintendo machine
Old fanart from old comic
Part of a rather old calender
Another piece from a game mag